Open thread:

What's the weirdest, most fucked up thing that you've ever countered at a con?

CW responsibly, of course.



I used to be staff at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh. Security team.

Tekko '04. Friday night. Half of us went out to dinner because we hadn't eaten in two days (because con set-up and tear-down are all hands on deck). We had our radios on us, just in case.

All of our radios kicked on at exactly the same time: "Security team to swimming pool. Security team to the swimming pool. Somebody's trying to beat up S- (one of the security guys who stayed behind)."

All at once, twenty of us stood up and ran back to our cars, accidentally ditching the bill.

As it turned out, S- was in his fursuit ('sona omitted for his privacy) and walking past the pool. The dad of a family that was staying at the con hotel (but not for the con) decided to start ragging on S- for his fursuit and "all those goddamn freaks fucking up a perfectly good hotel" (meaning, Tekko). S- kept trying to de-escalate, civilian kept trying to start a fight. Another security team member passing by saw said civilian trying to start a fight and called the code red.

Due to stuff that had happened earlier that day, local police as well as hotel security as well as our security team were still on high alert.

This dude kept trying to get S- to fight him, going so far as deliberately throwing punches and missing to try to provoke a response (S- is former Army, his personal discipline is impressive). Then the civilian looks up and sees that they're surrounded. The entire security team has them circled. Hotel security is standing there looking even more annoyed than usual. Local cops are standing there with their cuffs out. He blanches. Standoff.

Securicam footage proved that S- did nothing wrong. Civilian family got thrown out of the hotel.


@drwho sadly that hotel 'guest' likely retells the story now as 'how those damn furries got us kicked out of a hotel'.

re: Violence 

@FiXato It's Pittsburgh, so probably, yeah.

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