@drwho This has not been shown to be a bijective relation; there may be additional fucks outside the fuckery that is isomorphic to the complex field.

swears, math 

@drwho Common misconception!

"Absolute fuck" is more parallel to "absolute zero," the point where no more fuck is possible. It's the most condensed, pure fuck possible.

@mwlucas So, would that be a Bose-Einstein condensate fuck?

@drwho Absolutely! The tiniest, subatomic detail of the fuck becomes apparent in the macroscopic universe.

@drwho @CoronaCoreanici @kamiten "what the entire fuck" implies that by Liouville, the fuck is constant or else unbounded.

@drwho So how does the flying fuck fit into this, or did I just make that one up?

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