WRT the Amazon strike, just got called out for the workers being unfair to the company.

Workers being unfair to the company.

Yeah.... nah. :bricks:​

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@drwho those would be the same workers who live in tents while the #Amazone is making so much money the founder can afford to go live on Mars? They only way they've been unfair to the company is not unionizing and striking years ago, to give the company a helpful reality check that such a level of exploitation isn't acceptable in a wealthy, (supposedly) democratic country.

@strypey Yes. Exactly this.

I'm wondering how much it's the person in question kissing ass, and how much it's the person in question being worried about getting fired for even being one social graph node away from someone who thinks "union."

@drwho the #hypernormalization at play in the US these days appears to be approaching Chernobyl levels. It's hard to believe the whole mess can stagger on much longer. The question now is not whether a wall-felling rebellion against austerity politics and imperial overreach will happen, but when, and what form it will take.

@strypey For a few more years, at least. I think that when something gives, whatever is waiting in the wings will be slapped down, and whatever's in the way will get squished.

@drwho @grainloom I cry evrytim someone insults/strikes against this offbrand Lex Luthor and his company. Workers so...mean. Billionaires? Have feelings, too :'( RIP

@hopper @grainloom

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