@drwho I'm a little wowed that cloudflare doesn't do basic things like phased rollouts. And that they'd never seen a CPU grind like that before. Used to be almost standard practice to have an alternate ssh port running in real-time priority so you could get in when a box did that to collect debugging info. I actually ported a utility from bsd for that at an admin's request at one point. Guess my idea of standard competence needs a cynical adjustment.

@drwho (Also a good regex parser shouldn't have cases like that! But most modern regex isn't.)

@feonixrift I wonder if somebody tried to "optimize" something in a script someplace.

@feonixrift I think somebody fat-fingered the deployment - it was supposed to be staged but it went global instead.

If the had any processes in place to monitor or double-check the deployment, they utterly failed, meaning the burndown meeting is going to suck.

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