people should be able to choose their own way of consuming content, even when that content is produced by others
DRM, proprietary data formats, and other needless complicating factors get in the way of that

the super cool thing about computers is that they can transform and filter data efficiently and I think it's a shame when the immense resources poured into their creation is wasted on providing companies a platform where they fight to pull users into their walled garden and/or enslave their attention to generate ad revenue.

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I've talked before about how I think we'll see "digital nations" and "digital citizenship" within my lifetime.

As we spend more and more time online and these internet cultures come into play, I think that eventually where you cyber-live at online will become super important to your identity.

Like one of the main issues I have with the way we do citizenship and stuff in the "real world" is that it is pretty much locked in by what country you plopped out of at and your parents.


@jbob @grainloom @gemlog @Tau_Leonis I had my lawyer look into this a while back. The only practical use is to make it easier to create (shell) companies in Estonia. It won't actually make you a dual citizen of Estonia.

@drwho @jbob @grainloom @Tau_Leonis
Ah. It sounded cool, but I wasn't sure how it would be useful.

@gemlog @Tau_Leonis @grainloom @drwho

It was interesting if only because it’s cool that any “real” country is doing anything like this.

@jbob @grainloom @drwho @Tau_Leonis
I didn't realize the guy had died and the party was over. I thought you were referencing
Long history of pirate radio too.

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