If I wanted to double-check my work porting 2 code to Python 3, would the `2to3` utility be useful for this?

@drwho 2to3 is useful for a first pass at the port. For a double-check, run your unit tests

@riking I'll have to give it a try. I used the output of `python2 -3` as a start, because I wanted to make as many of the changes as I could myself as a way to learn the v3 dialect of Python.

`pylint --py3k` hasn't been very helpful at all.

I really should write unit tests.

@drwho I don't think so, but you could try it; if your work is different from 2to3's, you won't know if that means it's bad. Python 3 and Hypothesis and a good test suite are probably a lot better.

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