Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A little bit of hacker history, for folks who didn't live through it:

Back in 1985, LEOs started setting up and running boards to sting hackers. They went to great lengths to make them look 'legit' insofar as the hacker community was concerned, even going so far as to use some of the phone phreaking tricks of the time to make the boards look more like the HPAC/V boards of the time.

The folks who ran those boards never, ever, ever mentioned they were cops, or indeed any kind of official. In point of fact, none of us knew until the raids were over and done with and the defendants went to trial.

That somebody - anybody - in the Fediverse would talk about their professional life and affiliations in any way flies in the face of how law enforcement agencies actually do stuff.

It also shows a profound lack of knowledge of what "information security professional" actually means. It's not code for "mercenary black hat h4x0r," it means that in our day jobs we do information security work. Sometimes it's red team, which many want to think it is. Usually it's blue team, which is not sexy, boring, or counterculture. But, we do it for a reason, which is we want to try to make life in the twenty-first century a little safer. Nobody ever counts the data breaches that don't happen, and that's because we work our asses off to keep them from happening. We read logs, run honeypots, complain on internal IRC servers, and yes, deal with professional organizations, the origins of some tend to make people act without thinking or even doing a Google search.

When you do incident response, you sometimes have to deal with law enforcement. There are times that, regardless of the severity the feds have to be called in, and you have to work with them. And sometimes, really bad things happen and the feds get called in because it's "holy fuck" bad. Like most of the botnets of the last five years.

Those of you who espouse organization and collective action are acting exactly the same way as groups that ostracize and accuse members who actually practice operational and information security, keep tabs on threats and collect intelligence of that which you are organizing against. And ignore their warnings.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

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