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reminder: invader zim chose his partner based on absorbency of liquids and shock resistance, don't let anyone tell you what you like

It took me going to IMDB to realize the captian on Picard is the same actor who played the Paints the Future Junkie Guy (Isaac Menendez) on Heroes.

You know what I love about this scene? That we're forced to accept that this guy's bug out bag included a "make me an old man" makeup kit.


well there was a memory from deep in the neurons. M.U.S.C.L.E. men.


B.T.W. Any but the flesh tone ones are bullshit.

If you have something to draw and a wacom tablet, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, and a Raspberry Pi on hand: Get a piece of paper and take a picture with your phone.

Trust me.


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The first panel of today's Gunnerkrigg Court literally gave me chills. gunnerkrigg.com/?p=2265

Inside, the me that's been reading this comic for a 15 years is going, "ITTT'S HAPPPENINNNINNNNNNGGGG"

If my theories about what's coming up are wrong, I might cry.

I am catching up after being off masto all day.

#include <whargarrbl.h>

Ugh. What am I still doing up? I enjoy getting into "flow" but it really didn't need to go until 3am.

Ahh well. Goodnight, you tooters.

It just really hit me that English is a Germanic language when I accidentally read a sentence and kind of understood the gist of it.

I've never studied German in my life.

Random: Star Trek Nemesis was actually just an extended version of the idea that Picard would have seen five lights if you left him to it log enough.

@Anarkat peteforamerica.com/policies/a- - in case you don't see my reply on the post you boosted.

The image grabbed in the tweet the user reposted took the quote out of context and edited out key parts of the text.

It's not military service, and it's not mandatory. There may be other valid examples of Pete B. being fascist, but this isn't one of them.

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I am hungry like a wolf.

There are two wolves inside of me.

I ate both of them.

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I would like to apologize to fecal matter of below-average intelligence for comparing my testrig laptop to it.

While I'm ranting... #linux installers:

If you're encrypting, and the installer wants to wipe the drive first - cool. But please gaaahd I hope they start detecting if you're on a SSD/Flash drive and asking first. I'm cool with a couple of "are you sure?" dialogs.

Please don't drive my disk over the write cliff on day 0.

I'm not saying this installation isn't going well. I'm saying I just yelled, "I will shit on your offspring" at my laptop.

Who else here has silently incanted the mentat mantra for Sappho when they've drank their first coffee?

How many of you still do it?

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