There are three bots by @confusedbunny posting chiptune music tracks from the C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST:

➡️ @SIDMusic - Music from the Commodore 64, posts every four hours

➡️ @AYMusic - Music from the ZX Spectrum, posts every four hours

➡️ @AtariSTMusic - Music from the Atari ST, posts once a day

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Hey friends,

If you like poetry and art, and have a little extra cash on you, why not back this truly amazing Kickstarter book by Mastodon's own @adalheidis ?

It's all-or-nothing, 60% funded, with 9 days to go!

I really want this piece of art to succeed. And if you've never read "The Highwayman", you're in for a spooky treat.

Please boost for visibility!

Who else is having existential meltdowns these days? Tune into for discussion?!

Watching Slacker (1991) again tonight. Looks like somebody has uploaded it to youtube:

I love Slacker. It reminds me of my 20s. I should write a few words about it.

In September 1984 the revolutionary game Elite was released by Acornsoft for the Acorn BBC Micro computer. Here's the original promotional VHS video for the game ...

/via computermuseum on twitter

#retrogaming #elite #acorn #bbcmicro

With riots and internet censorship in iran, there is an increase in tor traffic to be expected.
So if you have bandwidth and data there is an easy way to make your internet connection to a tor proxy with snowflake.


This has been floating around Twitter. Turn on the sound. Baby panda noises!

I’m developing a simple self hosted single user sound cloud alternative. It’s basically a static site generator to list and filter sound files. Metadata is gathered from id3 tags. If this is something you would want to use, get in touch and tell me what features you would love to see. 👍

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