well shit...

guess I'm starting another podcast...



the road trip is because you and I really need to hang out :D

@banjofox Joking aside, I have some vocal clarity issues that make me unsuitable for podcast. I could make weird noises and play instruments.

You know, the usual.

@docskrzyk @banjofox We can team up, you fill the voids I leave when talking: Because of my 'working memory' impendent I grasp for words :blobcatgoogly:​ and probably be more clear than a dutch peep talking english learned through Star Trek and X-Files.


@Mnemonic @docskrzyk

I mean shit... I'm open to at least talking about it :)

Either way I am already working on an intro theme for the "Error 502" show :)

@banjofox @docskrzyk
I want you bad -- offspring

"I want you bad, really really bad" ... that falls under fair use, right? I dunno :p

@Mnemonic @docskrzyk

as long as we use like... 15 seconds or less (not sure of EXACT duration) we're good.

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