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I have seen an uptick in random follows, so it's time for...

Dr. Skrzyk's Friendly Advice on Following Someone on the Fedi™

Step 1: Read their profile and pinned toots.
Step 2: Check for follows set to approval
Step 3: Check if they mention follow criteria. Quite a few people do this - something like "please interact first" or similar.

If you've done all three and pass their criteria then send the follow request. If you can't do this for me you will at best not get your request approved.

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2020-12-15 - 


The bio tends to be short on characters, so I'm pinning this. I hope it's useful to people who might want to send a follow request in finding out what I'm about.


As I've mentioned I have follows on approval. I would like to have interacted with you in some way. If we haven't "talked" before, even replying to this toot with a "hey, can I follow" would be appreciated. I'd love it if the fediverse didn't have some of the ugly that drove me away from centralized social media, but it does. This is to protect you from following an account that might be noise to you, and protects me from reply-guys, bots, and other jackasses.


Public toots will tend to be goofy, lighthearted, or topical. Private toots will be more personal or at least more of a "sincere post" nature.

My interests are music, technology, and spirituality. I've been a Linux user for three decades now, filling engineering roles at large companies. I've also played in touring bands as a bassist, studio work for live radio shows, and other studio projects such as TV commercials. I've even taken Buddhist precepts and been in a seminary.

Don't worry though - I tend to CW anything spiritually inclined and keep it friends only. Anything that I'm aware could cause discomfort or offense gets a CW.


I am reachable several ways. The easiest, since you're here, is to reply to me. I'd appreciate it if we're following one another first though. I am also on:

  • Matrix
  • XMPP
  • Email
  • Signal

These are in increasing order of trust and/or availability.

If you're read this far, thank you! I really appreciate it. I hope we talk soon.

USPol + GME + Reddit/Discord 

Okay, so if they were able to relatively quickly pull down a reddit sub and discord server because hedge funds go brrr I have some questions.

a) Where are the "this is censorship" politicians & media outlets who lost their shit on Trump's deplatforming standing on this?
b) Why did it take reddit forever to get rid of the trump sub, but act quickly here? (bonus: solve for any social media removing Trump who instigated riots that caused deaths?)
c) Does anyone still think that people matter more than money/power to those who are rich/in power?

This is could easily be a Black Mirror episode... it's just missing a pig and a princess.

Dr. Skrzyk's Job Search Translation Guide 

Dynamic environment: Shifting focus, with poorly defined goals, instability, and bad to nonexistent crisis management.
Self-Starter: Our management is disconnected from what actually needs to be done, so we want you to do their job and yours.
Fast Paced: We view your role as a cost center, and you as a piece of the machine, therefore we hire as few people as possible. You will be overworked, but we're okay with that. See also dynamic environment

There are others, but these are the ones that have been "flags on the play" since watching the dotcom bubble self destruct.

more excercise / fitness industry 

Here's another thing... you could

  • pay $6,000+ for a fancy mirror with IoT / AI backed exercise routines and simulated weights that will obsolete or lose functionality if the company goes dormant or gets sold (of if they decide to drum up demand) OR
  • you could pay a personal trainer to get you up to speed using body weight exercises and simple home equipment.

Hell, even a year in gym membership fees is a fraction (thinking of post plague options)

SubMatrix / Exercise 

When a rowing machine costs more than something in which you could do the real thing...

I hate the exercise equipment / health & fitness industry a little bit more now.

organizational software help req 

Unpopular opinion: org-mode has kind of pissed me off.

I don't know what it is, but organizing on pure text is not doing it for me. I know I was spoiled by OmniFocus, which literally saved my life (true story, for another post).

Anyhow, I need something that's open, syncable, preferably mobile friendly, and... I feel so shallow... not brutalistic/ugly/text only.

But it must be FOSS/Open/Libre

From a job posting:

We are living in the digital golden age of Information Technology!

No. No we're not. I refuse to apply somewhere that is delusional from the get-go.

I'm sure there's a subtext here.

Also this is a subtoot, so I'm talking about a subtext in the song itself, not related to the subtoot.

TIL that the Planck Constant is the number of times I'll swear per second when doing a planck.

I was also spelling it incorrectly.

I've been thinking about making a movie about the time my friends at a bakery decided to play baseball there.

I'm either calling it "Doughball" or "The Catcher's In the Rye".

Eeesh. I got sucked in to check my email. I was to be in bed an hour ago.

Good night, distracting toot fiends.

I must be scarred, because I saw a CW for Rupol and my first thought is, "Oh no! What happened to RuPaul?!?!?!"

More mood.

It's 1988. A naive midwest kid and his parents fly into O'Hare. They rent a car and drive up the coast of Michgan to a school up north. Everything he owns is in two suitcases, plus a bass guitar.

This is a song about a stretch of highway they took to get him there. It's become one of my favorites ever.

Since the solar probe bounces off of the gravity of planets to slingshot around our solar system, I think they really missed an opportunity to call it the Parkour Solar Probe.

If I had a garden...

(image: a photo of foliage with a cat leg sticking up as though it is growing out of the ground)

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