Good song and...

this drummer tells his metronome when it's wrong. They probably gated the shit out of the kit, but he's TIGHT.

Men Without Country: Closet Addicts Anonymous

Video warning: Strobing effects are used in studio

Don't fuck with me like this, 2021. Damn

Supply chain woes lead to a โ€œtemporaryโ€ Raspberry Pi 4 price hike

a subtoot... but a good general rule imo 

If your going to post a meme or sums catchy thing intended to raise awareness or (justifiably) protest something, make sure its not something from years past.

It undermines your credibility and, even if you're factually accurate (i.e. the thing may still be happening), can appear as though you're misrepresenting the issue .

And... is you're asked a genuine question to clarify, respond with more than a "favorite" and radio silence.

The tales of my death due to food poisoning were greatly exaggerated...

I'm about to beat the shit out of Wednesday.

My vote is for "qwikster"

It's not still taken, is it?

Facebook plans to rebrand itself with new name: tech blog reports

Pet Peeve # 51292: People pronouncing ESXi as eck-see. It's an initialism, folks - not an acronym.

Pet Peeve # 51293: People who don't know the difference between an acronym and an initialism.

Pet Peeve # C: When I switch ordinal method in my lists.

I'll have to admit, the font looks cool. Reading it backwards is a bit more of a chore than they probably intended.

Hold up... he WHAT?!?!

(quelle surprise)

Amazon's Jeff Bezos 'may have lied to Congress'

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I was sent a @nitrokey FIDO2 key back in 2019, and it was stuck in my office for over a year because of COVID. Was it too old to review? Nope. Just needed a firmware update.

Discipline and structure will guide you on your path through the rapid transition to that to which you have committed.

Today is my weekly review. I go over my journals for things I learned, things I accomplished, and things I could do better.

The resounding theme so far?

yeah, I have a pretty regular backup protocol, thankfully, but there's a few resets that I'm going to hvae to do this weekend that I'm a bit salty about.

I really don't want to have to go down the dark path of a commercial provider, and I definitely learned that doing this shit in nextcloud is hell (it doesn't pull the updated version from the cloud so steps get added and files can get clobbered)

Ahh well. it hasn't happened to my desktop version with syncthing, so I am inclined to blame keepassdroid, but it has such a nice cut/paste method that also zaps it after a time out. AuthDroid (?) doesn't seem to do that.

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