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It is time to admit that my brain is really a dangerous maze glued together by webcomic, sitcom, and music references as landmarks.

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A reminder for USPol, Fedi Drama, and other shouting matches 

Perry Bible Fellowship (it's not what it sounds like) for the win:

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A Longish Post about Friend Requests And Reading The Damn Profile 

I get it: I don't like it when I see a profile and someone has a long laundry list of boundaries and requirements for following.

I'll say it in the same breath though... read the person's bio before following. You might like that toot that you saw boosted, but they might not want a follow. You might not want to see their other shit (1/2)

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re: A Longish Post about Friend Requests And Reading The Damn Profile 

Other than this making you a boundary respecting and pleasant fediverse netizen, it also makes it more likely that someone who has criteria won't shut you out.

I have seen a rash of new people (based on follow/follower/toot count or lack of avatar) requesting follows of me without interacting first. It's not just that they haven't read my bio. I don't feel comfortable being one of the first people someone new on the fedi interacts with unawares.

I'm snarky and surreal because that pleases me, and if you don't know what you're getting into you might get the wrong impression overall.

Anyhow, read the damn bio,
:heart: Dr. Skrzyk.

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Meta, mh talk, this one's not gonna be fun 

Reminder that calling nazis and right-leaning fash enablers "crazy" or "psychotic" or "delusional" is throwing real people with actual problems who are more than likely on your fucking side under the bus. You're also giving nazis an excuse for their nazism.

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ACNH. Yes, I'm obsessed. 

The 5-6pm music fucking slaps. Goddamn.

weird dream. 

I had a dream that I joined the... Japanese masons? They allowed women? We lived in the bombed out rubble of a fallen civilization torn by war?

Too much Animal Crossing... the puns... 

If you ask me, Ensign Roe was always a bit fishy.

Season 2 of Picard, a shitpost 

The shiny new android body Cap'n fails to defuse a bomb.

He hoists his own Picard.

star trek, lewd 

If Riker and Deanna added a third, would it be a...

Menage a Troi?

Super Mario Bros. 35 

Once you break into the top 10, things get weird. Top 5? Wow.

My shitty technique: Keep warping back to 1-1 or 1-2.

Fleabag, S2 finale. Critical spoiler. 

I have finished Fleabag S2. I know I am not alone, or the first in feeling this, but I have to say - her "no" headshake as she walked off and timid wave from the distance as she went off screen was probably one of the more painful breakups I've had.

That last bit is hyperbole, but seriously: it's been a week now and I'm still upset about it.

ACNH / Nintendo Switch 

My biggest complaint about ACNH / Nintendo Switch is how difficult they make getting your captures off the thing without some sort of commercial social media.

Pulling my microSD, booting my laptop with the reader, and shuttling off the screencaps is kind of onerous.

Today I visited the dream of a friend's island and, can confirm, it's pretty much in line with their personality.

Gotta love the manipulative use of language here, Fox. These are all facts, but the way the language is presented we get the thrill of mentioning Russia and China, and end on "will collide"

Like, we have space junk that has a chance of collision or something that feels like "OMFG Russia and China are blowing shit up in orbit, yo"

Look, I love Jason Newsted and do not fault him here, but Metallica kind of died with Cliff Burton.

If the rest of the band hadn't been ass to Jason, they'd have probably grown from the experience.

P.S. Yes, I put on Master of Puppets. It is, IMO, probably one of the very best metal albums of all time.

It is time to admit that my brain is really a dangerous maze glued together by webcomic, sitcom, and music references as landmarks.

The Jain's Death - commentary on the comic 

If you do read the comic, it makes a lot of reference to religion, but only to tell a story.

I have also failed in my mission to read it and not choke up a bit.

En route to my favorite seasonal comic, I remembered my all time favorite series. CW for some death and violence, but it is not excessive nor gratuitous.

It is not hyperbolic to say that this short series changed my spiritual trajectory. The Jain's Death, by Electric Sheep Comix

Please read it, it's a beautiful story.

And there she was... spackling the chicken.

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