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I got your OMEMO right here.

The XMPP addy is in the bio.

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I have seen an uptick in random follows, so it's time for...

Dr. Skrzyk's Friendly Advice on Following Someone on the Fedi™

Step 1: Read their profile and pinned toots.
Step 2: Check for follows set to approval
Step 3: Check if they mention follow criteria. Quite a few people do this - something like "please interact first" or similar.

If you've done all three and pass their criteria then send the follow request. If you can't do this for me you will at best not get your request approved.

I'm going to have to alt tag this. How the hell am I going to alt tag this?

re: More BBS / Retro music 

I'm not saying these things don't exist now, but I'm appreciating how much they were able to wring out of quite pitiable hardware. Like, countries would probably have started wars for the cell phone in your pocket in the era these teams were cranking out demos.

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More BBS / Retro music 

I'm re-appreciateing the intersection of artistic sense, technical knowhow, whimsical, and flat out clever 90s era PC hackers were. The BBS/Mod/ANSI Art scene and early PC Gaming era had some great examples of this.

there's something delightfully sick and wrong about drawing ANSI art in a GUI with a wacom tablet.

OMFG 5:45 in is 80s AS FUCK

Cheese? Maybe, but pitch perfect cheese.

Actually, I'm paging @snowdusk on this one.

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I hardly used xfce before studio.

Now? I don't understand how they did not have this built into the wm:

I've used that functionallity over and over again to organize tasks to monitors in gnome. Huzzah!

I'm going to laugh.

It looks pretty good sittin' there in a repo. Almost exactly what it looks like on gemini.

Saved you some trouble installing a client.

I need to just be honest and admit I've been on a week long audit of BBS software. I've been up into the early hours hacking on configurations and breaking things with no results to show but a lot of lessons learned.

In short, I'm recreating the conditions that caused me drop out of college and become a linux nerd.

I got your OMEMO right here.

The XMPP addy is in the bio.

3ECE835E 29D086D4 CCFECAB2 16B201D9
191A7C1D C3F81CA5 2AAA975E A2B1B46B

Play the happy noises!


FreeBSD will promote arm64 to a Tier 1 architecture in FreeBSD 13.This means we will provide release images, binary packages, and security and errata updates. While we anticipate there will be minor issues with this first release, we believe the port is mature enough that they can be resolved during the life of FreeBSD 13.

Pretty sure they named a mountain after the distribution based on how often I've said, "[I'll] Kill You Manjaro" at my Manjaro ARM64/Raspberry Pi install.

You may be cool, but you're probably not three-eyed-cow-on-your-gemini capsule cool.

Valerian relatively early movie spoilers (it's kind of in the title of the movie though) 

When they're flying in they get stats on the City of 1,000 Planets called out. It's a great high-speed world building / establishing shot.

They say, "Over 5,000 languages, not including computer languages..." I realized that by this point in time with 5k languages for 1k planet there'd have to be at least 10k computer languages This is including cpu microcode, bus and network protocols, etc. at least.

Confession: I have always hated the Atari 2600 game, Pitfall.

I remember playing it at a friends house. His dad was there too. I said I didn't like it. You didn't win. There was no goal. You played until you died and tried to get the best score.

I didn't understand at the time, but I remembered what the dad said.

"So it's really just a lot like life."

I said something like the graphics or situations weren't realistic at all.

They laughed.

Woot, I'm starting another editor scuffle.

As bad as any treatment I've received from rando fuckers who've pleroma'd their way on the fedi is, I'm pretty much a cis white guy.

I can't even imagine if I wasn't and talked about that as well.

For the synth nerds who ever wanted to know what it was like to get repeatedly punched by a Yamaha DX7:

At least I'm pretty sure they used that in this track. It's all FM-y and shit.

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