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@bobby_newmark Going to have to mastodon api it to do it 300x faster lol

Nextcloud up and running.... And full of nothing but baby pictures.

@bobby_newmark, I'm going to start favoriting everything you post to pay you back for all of those favorites you know. :P

Nothing like coming home and firing up the

That winamp, llama whiptastic

3d printer hotend extruder problem...

Guitar string(s) are working.. Cool beans.. I have to run like different sizes through though, but I think this is going to work.

It's taking a bit, but I've managed to poke through.. but hopefully soon ill be back in operation.

icecast! yous...cast! we all.... cast for icecast!

facebook splitting up the word “sponsored” to sneak past adblockers

@thegibson The hot hot end of my extruder isn't working... The filament isn't coming out. Do you have any idea's for cleaning it out? I'm thinking about a guitar string perhaps that I could shove through it.. But i wanted to see if you had any ideas.

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