I've got to head out for a few be back soon.. Emergency

If anybody has any extra flash drives send them over to me please, i could use them...

PS: I'm talking about those drives with the adhesive boobie stickers stuck on them, just sayin'

Dont hate on the redundant PSU... I only have one power cord plugged in, there's nothing wrong with it.

When your 20 year old desktop HP monitor dies the moment you finish configuring your HP Proliant Server... That my friends, was a monitor that lived a life with a destiny.

He just wanted to be apart of something BIG guys..

RIP Monitor

Mastodon is dying you say? Well if so, That's what happens when people don't know how to cope with cope.

You know something's up when you smell "IT" before opening the door to the bathroom.🤢

To the creep who stole my package,

I hope you enjoy that roll of plastic

Hey Folks,
Remember that one time when......

Computer History

... we don't have keynotes.. we have reeeeeeeee-notes

... our papers are actually vapors.

Every year once reeeeeeeecon is over we host a wet tshirt contest.

reeeeeeeeecon is short for reconcile ... the cons need it

Hosting reeeeeeeeeeeeeee-con 2019 at my house. Calling for papers, pls send asap kthx bai.

Just set up my new server with proxmox that I'm getting tomorrow over ilo. Need more CPU power, surprisingly it only idles at 150 watts. 👍

She's going to fit nicely in my home.

DSS 384 receiving shitposts from Fediverse Explorer 2 at 988 Mbit/s

For the past several months, I've been sending american-flag-belt-coworker almost-weekly network messages through an app he logs into that I have full admin on. The message pops up in the bottom corner of your desktop, and gives no appearance of having anything to do with the app it's coming from.

For the first few months, he only received this message, over and over:

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