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Showing my age here but I’m pretty pleased Project 1999 runs so perfectly on Linux using WINE.

Getting a LE cert into SonicWall was quite a pain, but we got it, and it works!

Doing that every 3 months is going to be a pain though. Maybe I just need to learn how to set up my own CA and distribute the keys through AD.

I really wish I could figure out why Carbon Black insists on fighting with me on my servers all the time. It's such a colossal pain to have to do multiple reboots into safe mode and use the removal tool to uninstall it, and then do a fresh install again every time there's an update. Especially on my DC but also my file server.

Federal Government grant for COVID expenses = I get to spend a whole bunch of money on TECH without affecting my budget!

Already on the list are Surface Pros for all directors, a new laptop for me of equal or lesser value to the surfaces, Exchange Online licenses for all employees that don't already have Office 365 licenses.

Perhaps a proper VPN Server/Client solution? Any other security related things I should look into? @thegibson


End of my Parler Experiment 

So I deleted my Parler account and the app last night. Not because of negative experiences yet (above how terrible the network already is) but more because I didn't want to end up at a point where it started to affect my MH or life otherwise.

There were some cool people and hilarious troll accounts. Hell there were even some comments from Republicans that I could appreciate. But I just felt it was a matter of time before I logged in on the wrong day or in the wrong mental state.

One thing is for sure. 90% of people on there have no idea what Socialism is or why they hate it and it has become the devil to their god of Conservatism (which they also have no real idea what it is or why they defend it so adamantly).

It was tree decorating time this weekend. (Fortunately for everyone, I just carried boxes and took pictures.) Not bad for a kit lens.

Parler fun 

So I haven’t been a troll on Parler at all. I do follow trolls for amusement. I don’t downvote OPs I don’t like but I do downvote ridiculous comments on troll posts.

Because of that I’ve had some pretty amazing comments on one post I’ve made that had no political bias. Usually being called names along with it.

They usually shut up pretty quick when I suggest that then only wanting upvotes is much like a communist election. The reality is I’m not even sure anymore if that’s what voting is like in China or was like in Communist USSR but that’s what we were taught in school and they don’t have the tools to refute either.

Or maybe they just stop replying because I don’t reply with anger, insults and name calling.


A family portrait taken during the Spanish Flu, 1918! Even the cat had a mask!

This too shall pass.

On tonight’s “menu” for inhalation: Alien Dawg and 8-Ball Kush. I wish I could savour them more but my garage is neither insulated or heated.

I have a 2013 MBP from former $dayjob. It’s only 13” with a 128GB hdd. All I had on it was Xcode, MS Office and Traktor. And I still didn’t have enough drive space for the Big Sur upgrade. Did the upgrade after removing Xcode and Traktor but decided to do a factory reset on it anyway.

I don’t really need Traktor on it anyways because with a 13” screen I found there wasn’t enough screen real estate for Traktor anyway.

Despite my better judgement I joined Parler about a week ago it of curiosity. At first it was a complete cesspool (okay it still is mostly) but now there’s a growing number of brilliant trolls joining and I love it.

My first favourite is @comradeJesus and now I just discovered @realJim8kun. 🍿

Amazing pic, sad reality. 

Not too far from here a rancher came across a herd of what they guessed was around 800 antelope.

We had a huge snow storm lately and antelope don’t jump fences they crawl under so with all the snow they can’t get into the fields.

And even if they could they can’t paw through the snow to get food so they need to migrate South to where there’s open fields. Unfortunately that probably means that many of these beautiful creatures will starve.

Why did I not hear of Ventoy sooner? It's like the software version of my Zalman VE300. Neat.

Damnit Carbon Black. Why do you always have to be so good at your job?

Tomorrow is my 2-year workiversary with the town. And I was feeling pretty happy about that. And then I realized tomorrow is Friday the 13th. In the year 2020. :blabcatpeek:

Hit an icy rut and spun my car around and into a snow bank where it I got stuck this morning. 🤬​

How's your day going?

Ahh joy. End of year time in small municipal government where you hear your humble narrator ask questions like: "How much budget do I have left?" and "Who spent it?" and "Wait, they spent $10,000 of my budget on WHAT?!"

Good times.

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