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Today I discovered the SysInternals tool, DiskView. It looks a lot like defrag from the XP days (and it's almost as slow) but it acts like WinDirStat only way uglier.


Some days its… so hard to make the negative voices/thoughts go away. Or be quieter.

Well then. Neat. I didn't realize Ada and Pascal syntax were so similar.

It's that semi-annual time of year when I remember to do my WSUS Server Cleanup, wait hours for SQL queries to run on SUSDB, think to myself, "I should automate this" but then almost immediately forget to do this until 6 months later.

When you live in the Canadian Prairies this is the kind of quality exhibit you can expect in the museum.

Just about have Prosody up and running. Just dealing with certificate frustrations. I needed to export my LetsEncrypt cert from Dreamhost. And now I have to figure out how to get it into a format the Prosody likes.

Thinking I may need to look into spinning up my own XMPP server. Using Dreamhost currently but they no longer support it and it show.

Made a minor update to the BBS page of Now includes a more complete mini howto for connecting to the BBS with NetRunner.

Probably unnecessary for most people here but I've had a few people ask me from time to time. Now I can just point them here instead of explaining it every time.

Not sure I'm talented enough to make a full clone but I've got the basics at least! And some ideas as to how to get a little further along. Writing this in MPL (Mystic Programming Language).

It would be cool to do this in pure Pascal but my Pascal skills are not strong enough to use a BBS Door library or to deal with the ANSI/CP437 stuff manually.

There's probably so much I don't know about under the hood but… I re-created a simple app I had written in C# in Lazarus / Pascal and… it was so much quicker and easier to do in Pascal.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer

COVID, Perspective 

Got a little perspective this week.

A city councilor here passed and it's very likely COVID-related. He was also known to oppose mask mandates and it was VERY unlikely that he was vaccinated. It's easy to judge someone under these circumstances. Here's more of the story though.

H owned and ran a local grocery store for years. And he used that and his connections to give A LOT to our local food bank.

In his grocery store, he always supported local businesses and their products.

He also ran the food bank until he became a councilor. He helped create the brown bag lunch program here to make sure no kids go hungry.

When I first heard about his passing I scoffed. Then I learned about all of this. So yes, I REALLY don't like his behavior regarding COVID, I can't deny that he also had a huge positive impact on this city for years.

Today I had a headhunter reach out to me for an IT Manager job in a town a few hours away. A new first for me! Unfortunately:
1. I’m not willing to move and the commute is too far.
2. Really not interested in being management. I don’t want to be in charge of people. Let me put my head down and work, and occasionally provide me with the IT tools I need to do my job.

Hey everyone! Come check out my mediocre #BBS and marvel at my sub-par ANSi skills!

I get to do a lot of cool things at work. A meeting about new budget software is not what I would consider a highlight, however.

8 years ago around this time my wife & I were enjoying our honeymoon in Anaheim. The Disneyland experience was great but also convinced us that we were not ready for children. 😂 Now we have 5 yo twins & even if COVID didn’t exist I don’t think we’d be up to taking them yet.

This is the first place I've ever worked where they've essentially downsized the executives (didn't have to fire, some just moved on) and used the salaries to promote lower staff and give people raises. It's kinda nice!

BBS Update 

Alright. BBS is migrated to the latest version of Mystic now.

If you're so inclined, please come check it out!

Telnet: 23905
RLOGIN: 23915
SSH: 22905

Fidonet, fsxNet message networks.

Door Games provided by BBSLink and DoorParty as well as my own server (Nerd HavN).

If you're new, please send me a message here and I'll upgrade your access.
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