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Mostly moved into my new basement office now. So many stairs today. So tired.

PrintNightmare Episode VI. Definitely living up to the nightmare part of the name.

This is how I get my daughter to start listening to "better" music. 😂​

ElementaryOS is… not the worst. From a usability perspective, I'd probably give it to less-than-tech-savvy relatives or friends.

TFW: The time you spent documenting your network makes your office move (which includes a few Cisco switches), really easy.

Moving offices, again. Sure it's to a window-less office in the basement; however, it's a MUCH LARGER office with plenty of room and storage.

BBS Adventures 

CaNerDUH BBS is back online!

Now running on a RPi4 8GB!


BBS Adventures: CP437 

I wish I'd known about these sooner. Two simple ways to deal with ANSI/CP437 in Linux:

1. Viewing .ANS files in a terminal:
iconv -f cp437 -t utf8 filename.ans

2. Emulate CP437 in a program:

Compile and simply run:
./cp437 telnet <address> <port>

Software Rant: Microsoft 

F Microsoft and their stupid ConfigMgr licensing that requires an In-Tune subscription.

I can do it almost as well with pure WSUS, GPOs, PowerShell and BatchPatch.

BBS Migration 

I think maybe I'll start posting some of my BBS stuff here since I'd like to utilize this account a little more.

Ran into some issues with my File and Message menus and viewing. Not sure if it's caused by my ANSI headers or something else.

I think it will be a good exercise for me to rebuild the menus from scratch though just to be sure. A pain yes but hopefully worth it.

#bbs #mystic #ansi

Started moving my BBS over to my RPi.

Since I copied over all my existing datafiles I'll need to go through everything and update paths before I can make that happen.

I'm going to at least wait for the release of Mystic A47 and maybe even for DoorParty to get their customization scripts working again so I can direct open certain doors.

TFW Your AV starts crapping the bed on your Fileserver to the degree where file and print services are still working but nothing else is working. Do I let it limp along for the rest of the work day or do I force a restart now and hope it all comes back up again quickly?

I think we'll keep it limping along as long as people can still do what they need. And re-evaluate around noon when most everyone is having lunch.

School shopping for the twins is complete. If you have to go to Walmart, 7:30am is a pretty decent and quiet time.

At any rate. The kids are ready for kindergarten now!

Now that Mastodon is available on iOS, what is everyone using for an iOS client these days?

I’m still using Toot! Because it does exactly what I want and it works with Pleroma too. And I’ve used Amaroq as well.

But I see there are a ton more options these days (which is great).

Office 365 alert emails can be important. I especially like knowing about Exchange Online and Outlook issues. But some days I feel like Microsoft could just replace the dozens of alert emails with one that says: Shit's fucked.

Coincidentally, dingit is also what I say when I use the wrong resistor and fry something…

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I love ordering off Wish. I was today years old when I learned resistors bands are also known as “dingit”s 😂

Cool. For some reason Microsoft's Geo-location service suddenly sometimes (not always) thinks we're in Germany instead of Canada. So peoples' "News and Interests" toolbars start to display in German and weather from
Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen.

And then sometimes it's normal.

At the optometrist and about to get my eyes dilated. Another getting old milestone for me.

Was also offered glasses for night driving if needed. The prescription would be the weakest possible. Work benefits would pay but not quite necessary yet.

A friend lent me his Huawei P20 Lite so I can get a feel for Android and see how I like it.

Was enjoying it until I ran into a major show stopper.

So apparently Android hi-jacks your DNS and forces Google DNS on you? Deal breaker for sure. Unless I can find a custom ROM for this or some way around it.

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