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Back to work after a short vacation. Relaxed and ready to get back at it! Starting my day with a fight between Carbon Black and Rufus.

I think it's time "IT" has it's own policy set that stops this from happening every time there's a Rufus or Raspberry Pi Imager update.

I don’t have shared storage in my lab so migrating my vCenter appliance@from one server to another is always a little nerve racking. And time consuming. But once this is done I can retire the Dell C1100 server. Perhaps it can be the start for someone else’s home lab here in town.

birthday relaxation 

For my birthday day off my wife let me pick what shows I wanted to watch all day. I got to see: It’s All Gone Pete Tong, Danny Deckchair, and Mortal Kombat. It was a good day. And tonight it’s the start of playoff hockey for my team. Can’t ask for much more!

I’m thinking it’s time to start consolidating servers (currently running 3, Dell C1100, Dell PowerEdge R510 and Dell PowerEdge R620). I love them all but power consumption is becoming a problem. I can probably get that down to at least 2 servers easily. I somewhat need the R510 as it’s my file server 12TB, RAID 6. Maybe I don’t need the 2 x Cisco 3750X switches either. Perhaps I could replace one with a smaller managed PoE switch. Also need to figure out what I can replace with RPi’s.

With this day in the books I’m now on vacation until next week. No specific plans. Maybe a little housework mixed with some video games and a little work on my home network.

The finance people here are just a little too excited about printing and sending out property tax notices.

Though I think part of that is because they get to use the envelope stuffing machine. And well, they're probably too excited for that too.

Wireguard on OPNsense isn't quite as stable as it was on my VM behind the firewall. This isn't surprising given how early wireguard-kmod is but I trust it will only get better.

Decent so far, though, I'm still not a huge fan of modern Gnome.

It just makes my 1920x1080 resolution feel like 1280x720 or something.

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FreeBSD 13.0 is still a bit flaky on my ThinkPad t540p so I'll do a little distro-hopping. Starting with Fedora 34!

Oh hey, Wordpress lets me embed the HTML and call the JavaScript so I can just remove the CSS from my code, plop it into Wordpress and off I go!

Today I got asked how hard it would be for me (on a scale of 1-10), to add a property tax calculator to the town’s website. Of course I said 10.

And then I made this. Still have some things to clean up but not bad for an afternoon and with minimal HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience.

I guess now I'm going to need some sort of IP helper-address for dhcpv6 on my VLAN subnets. I have a feeling my head might hurt a little by the end of all this.

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Well look at that. With my new Cable modem and OPNsense I now have an IPv6 address.

Now to figure out how to make it work throughout all my subnets.

My "High Performance Gaming NVMe SSD" lasted a whole month as just an extra data drive in my ThinkPad before shitting the bed. Hopefully the replacement actually stands up better.

Cool, I found a bug in in Carbon Black and they're going to fix it in the next maintenance release. :)

This morning I was behind a BMW in traffic and on the back window was a decal that read, "Stay Humble". A BMW…

TFW> You made something far more difficult than it needed to be. For those following along:
- New bulk water measuring system.
- Gives us files with a strange extension.
- Files are basically .csv but with a whole bunch of NULL characters
- I write a quick C# program to remove the NULL characters

WELL. It turns out that if you just change the file extension to .csv, Excel will just IGNORE ALL THE NULL CHARACTERS ANYWAY.

So I spent a morning writing a program that was completely unnecessary.

I was going to say I wasted a morning but maybe it wasn't a waste because I at least learned how to read in and write out files in C#?

Finally got around to fixing Wireguard on my home network. Or rather, I just moved it to OPNsense instead of running on Debian behind the firewall.

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