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The new Carbon Black Dashboard is pretty nice but it's missing one thing that may drive me crazy.

New firewall required 

Upgraded my internet plan this week (contract was up, my current package price was going up, the 1Gb package was only $5/month more) and it has become exceedingly clear: my Unifi Security Gateway is not going to cut it.

So I think I'm just going to go with something I can use to run PFSense/OPNSense/OpenBSD on instead.

Maybe the APU4d4 but will also start researching this weekend.

Any suggestions?

Writing new user setup documentation.

Decided to work smarter and not harder. Rather than writing pages and pages with loads of screenshots for adding an AD user via "Active Directory Users and Computers" I just replaced the whole damn thing with a single PowerShell command.

This is just one of the reasons CLI is better for just about everything.

Granted I could write a quick customized PowerShell GUI that would be much less to document, but this is still far easier.

I decided to install/enable the Azure AD Connector on the weekend…

How's your Monday going?


A little upgrade in my home lab while I'm waiting for other things to finish here at work this afternoon.


Why you gotta be like this to me Carbon Black? 😭

This is trying to run Windows Sandbox on my new ThinkPad. So sad.

vaccine misinformation 

I started the day listening to Mudvayne and ended with Snarky Puppy? Clearly the only reasonable explanation is the vaccine.


Welp. They Pfizered me. I was hoping I'd be 5G now but apparently I'm only LTE until my second shot.

Dinner tonight:

B: When I grow up I’m going to be a baker… AND a ninja.

A: I’m going to be a superhero and my power will be to shoot corn on the cob. And muffins.

Love these kids!

Strange, on both ThinkPad T540ps that I've tried FreeBSD on. Neither will boot with HyperThreading DISABLED in the BIOS…

COVID Vaccination 

Huzzah! Booked for my vaccination (Pfizer) on Wednesday!!

This is kind of neat. Federated comments system based on the Matrix protocol:

stress, medical gore 

When it rains it pours. My mother had cornea transplant surgery today (after FOUR previous cancellations) and then this afternoon my wife took the mother-in-law to the ER with what we thought was a gallbladder attack. Turns out it was a hernia pinching and killing part of her bowel so she has to have surgery right away. This leaves my disabled (in a wheelchair, paralyzed on the left side from a stroke) father-in-law with no one trained to take care of him.

And as everyone suggested, Replication health is back to normal now!

Server Porn 


Backup server done. Will hopefully install the new RAM in the primary/production server this weekend.

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