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Huzzah! KB5001649 fixes the remaining printing issues caused by Microsoft's Monthly Windows Updates.

Adding to the fun, I downloaded the .msu for it and have been deploying it silently using Lansweeper.

I rather miss doing deployments.

Generally I use Debian when I need a Linux server but after using it for a couple of personal projects, Alpine is really growing on me.


Well if that’s the case, this Jebuz guy can’t be that bad.

I should go to the landfill to install a new AP at the scale house today. Motivation is already lacking.

complaining about Windows Updates 

How bad have Microsoft Windows Updates become? Not only was there the whole BSOD issue but it also causes printing issues with their own software! Microsoft Dynamics is printing black boxes over custom images on reports/receipts/bills. And the new patch doesn’t fix that, it only resolves the BSOD problem. So I’m going to spend my evening removing updates and pausing updates on a handful of our workstations that run GP.

Enlightenment on FreeBSD: This is pretty decent. I think I could get used to it.

It really impresses me how hard Mozilla is working at trying to get me to quit using Firefox. "You use this feature? Okay, say goodbye to it!"

FB, Need I say more? 

Any time someone on FB says something along the lines of "Guys, your cognitive dissonance is showing" that's almost a sure sign that I don't want/need to be friends with them anymore. This is especially true when it comes to COVID related discussions.

Just registered the twins for kindergarten. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. That said, between the Early Learning and Before/After School programs we really won’t be saving any money compared to daycare. 😂

The twins each got a can of pop for Halloween and we finally got around to letting them try it. Sugar-fuelled shenanigans have ensued.

I’ve been quite hooked on Exodus lately. Kill ‘Em All was my favourite Metallica album and Bonded By Blood and Fabulous Disaster are right up there in my opinion.

Sure it's not the prettiest app ever made but it works. And it's mine. So maybe that counts for something?

COVID, virus spread 

The next time I hear someone say that COVID had to have come from a lab and not animal transmission I think I’ll just show them this…

I was today years old when I learned that in AD when renaming a computer, a shutdown will not complete the operation. It MUST be restarted.

This makes sense but I had just never really thought about it.

I think it's time to make a separate rsync directory for my Calibre Library. 10.5GB is a lot to download when all I really want on a computer is my org-mode notes.

Up to -15C today and I’m sure half of Canada is getting ready to hit the beach now 😎

Just -29C heading to -34C. No big deal. Just another winter day in Canada.

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