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sea shanty 

Apparently there’s a sea shanty trend going around. One of our local radio DJs did a really good job recording one about my home town.

So… it seems LaTeX is the documentation answer I've been looking for all along.

So easy to format (I'm cheating a little and using TeXstudio) and easy enough to convert to HTML with Pandoc. And then I just need to re-link images to the html.

I think I can work with this.

In general, I don't enjoy writing Documentation that much as it's so tedious.

In a strange turn of events I decided to learn TeX. I'm writing my documentation in TeX which probably makes it more tedious but I'm enjoying it more?

Go figure.

You know what I didn't need to patch sudo on? My OpenBSD systems.

I do quite enjoy Cisco Packet Tracer. Though, fooling around on actual hardware is far more satisfying!

I don’t know why exactly but this sort of thing gives me hope for today and the future.

Dell SonicWall did a good job of giving me anxiety this weekend with a possible serious vulnerability in their SSL VPN client.

Fortunately the client was fine it was just a certain model of appliance (that we don't have) that had the issue.

More QAnon 

A great video from NY Times on what we can do about QAnon. One of the main points is: Don't ridicule as it only drives people deeper into the rabbit hole. And that makes sense from my own personal experiences.

Oh fun.

Town has a third level domain name from years back We tried to register a wildcard for * But we can't because we don't control (nor does anyone else) and since 2012, these types of third level domains are defunct.

So… I guess now I'm just going to register an entirely new domain to use for access to all the services that used to run on *

COVID, Good news 

So relative of my wife's in Germany was taken to hospital last week with what they though was asthma but turns out it was COVID. Pretty frightening since he's in his 80's, and tough because his wife has had multiple strokes and didn't really understand what's going on.

The good news is he's doing better and has now tested negative as have all other family members.

All this time I was making InfoSec out to be much harder than I needed. I guess all I have to do is mash keys? 😎​

Apparently it's MSP sales season because they just will not leave me alone right now.

New phone system ordered. Some new IP phones ordered in order to get rid of an aging phone system at another location. Raspberry Pi ordered for a display system. I'm going to be a little busy for a while I think…

Because eventually I let SCCM handle everything I got out of practice but, I forgot just how satisfying it is to modify WIM images by hand and do driver injection that way.

Wouldn't be manageable in a large company. But for 6 laptops of the same model, why not?

potty humour? 

Apt. This also applies to encryption back doors.

I should probably fire up my ParrotOS laptop more often so I don't have over 2000 packages to upgrade when I do…

Looks like there's a major Telus outage, at least in Western Canada right now. This should be fun.

Carbon Black vs RDP 

This Carbon Black and RDP issue is really strange. While it works with this other image, RDP connections still hang with a black screen for a few seconds before the connection completes.

According to their support, I'm supposed to bring it up with @thegibson 😂​

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