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And why do I have so many Windows Server (2012R2, 2016) and Windows (7,10) VMs on my ESXi hosts doing nothing? One acronym: MAK

As much as I love it, I'm thinking it may be time to say farewell to the old DEC Alpha Server I've been hording in my lab for years now. It's just collecting dust and even if I had time to do something with it, the power draw just wouldn't be worth it anymore.

Finally got around to watching and finishing season 2 of Mandalorian. Wow.

Took me a little while to sort things out but I set up my own Pleroma instance on an Alpine Linux VM. So far, so good! Now I’ll need@to spend some time doing more than just adding myself.

COVID, positive news for my city. 

My city continues to drop in active cases (down to 60 here)! Really nice to see.

While I don't necessarily think restrictions always are the direct reason for this, I think they cause people to be more careful in other ways that do lead to less transmission.

Year-end upgrade nearly complete. Just upgrading the last few workstations. Looks like I'll be able to enjoy my days off for the next few days.

Doing our year-end upgrade on our accounting/CRM software. Done this enough times that it's easy enough now.

Waiting for all the SQL updates to happen is what takes the longest and requires the most patience from me.

Apparently “pfff” is the official term for the sound the Sodastream makes…

Spent some time and finally got my DHCP servers migrated back to the domain controllers to save resources.

The next step will be to upgrade the older DC to Server 2019. But at least my functional levels are up to Server 2016 now.

Spending my day off updating the primary Hyper-V host at work. The scariest part is that it hosts our DC. Should be fine it just takes a while to fix all the NLA issues that come up afterwards.

I’m not sure what this says about me in my older age but my fingers are sore from building Lego all day.

Buying all these computers local sounded like a great, noble idea, until they stopped listening to what we told them we wanted and started telling us what we wanted.

Why are you trying to sell us less than what we're telling you we want?

Digging further. 61% of the queries blocked by Pi-hole here are for Microsoft Telemetry. In fact 6 of the top 10 blocked domains are owned by Microsoft.

Phone home much Windows?

So in a day, the Pi-hole I implemented is blocking 31.4% of DNS queries.

So you could say that roughly 30% of the web is advertisements!

selfie, ec 

Well the water treatment plant modem replacement was simple enough. Just had to swap the old with the new.

But it left me uneasy. They have a really nice setup with a bunch of Cisco gear; however, the installers didn’t leave any setup documentation. They only left the vanilla docs that came with the equipment.

I guess that’ll be my project in the new year!

At the water treatment plant to install a new cable modem. This should be interesting.

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