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I have an ongoing battle with our MSP. They INSIST on installing Cisco/OpenDNS Umbrella Client. I hate it so much and it causes more problems than it solves in my opinion.

I've tried uninstalling it but ConnectWise just re-installs it on me. I've tried disabling it but they somehow detect this and re-enable it on me.

So now I'm attempting to block it via AppLocker. Hopefully I've got them this time.

Oh yay! OpenVPN GUI 2.5.0 fixes the NLA issue I've had on Windows 10 for years now.

That was not a fun commute. There are snow banks taller than I am out there. Car got stuck pulling out of my driveway. Fortunately a very kind neighbour helped get me unstuck. Then it was just a matter of keeping up momentum on the side streets until I got to a main drag and onto the highway.

This probably isn't a lot of snow for other parts of Canada but in the desert, this is a major storm. The kind of storm I see black and white pictures of from before I was born.

Interesting that Google has flagged archives as a dangerous site. Not sure what the malware would be. Seems to be text files and tar.gz files of the text files.

Apparently some are planning a mass FB exit to Parler on Nov 13. So FB will get that much more tolerable it seems.

Well. Second winter has arrived in southern Alberta. And it came in like a lion. Not looking forward to shovelling my driveway. Maybe after I finish another peppermint tea.

I think I need to come up with a better way of dealing with Alerts in Carbon Black. I get so many for Skype (mainly) that I am probably not paying as close attention as I should.

Hallmark Channel - Spoiler Alert 

They fall in love. It snows when they kiss.

USPol, CanPol, Politics in General 

While I’m an atheist now, there are so many people on FB (who I grew up going to church with) I’d love to share this with. But I do t discuss my lack of religion on FB. Also because my grandmother and parents and so many religious relatives are on there and I don’t really care fir it to be brought up at family gatherings.

"Nevertheless, while believers can register under a party affiliation and be active in politics, they should not identify the Christian church or faith with a political party as the only Christian one."

Wow. That really took off on me. I’m glad there’s people here with a lot more knowledge than I on the subject that had some very good insight on it!

35 kids so far. Lower than other years but not bad given the circumstances.

Starting to update my Python Wireguard script to work on Linux (currently only works with OpenBSD) but motivating myself is difficult. Especially since I'm going to have so much re-indenting to do now.

The thing about this is, I'm pretty sure that no IT person ever has claimed to like supporting printers.

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Show me an IT person that says they like supporting printers and I'll show you a LIAR.

Oh awesome. My Halloween projector that I ordered in August should arrive on November 2…

I don't think I'll take SEO (or any) advice from someone that can't actually count to 10.

And the clue that I /should/ have noticed a long time ago was an extension cord going up the wall into the drop ceiling where that router was sitting.

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