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Booking of swimming lesson's started this morning at 8am for town residents only. There was a glitch in how the booking was configured not letting anyone sign up. Apparently every resident in this town of under 6000 people was trying to book lessons and is now trying to call Town Hall. Feel sorry for the CS people.

Wow. On the phone with TELUS for over 3 hours. Disconnected once with no callback. Transferred _at least_ 10 times only to ultimately be told that I'll get a call back in 24-48 hours? W.T.F.

Starting to get more comfortable with Emacs thanks to using org-mode. Still very happy with org-mode for note-taking. Anywhere it may lack, it more than makes up for with portability.

Neat, I just learned how to change my default git branch for wgstart from "master" to "main". That was easy!

Having a debate with myself. Thinking about buying a small-ish Monitor for my RPi's to use mainly for when my wife is watching TV, mainly for NES and SNES emulation.

There's lots of options out there that don't do full HDMI which is fine for NES/SNES emulation. But maybe I want to use it as a computer sometimes too.

For the same price I could just get myself a cheaper 20" monitor that does 1920x1080 and have a nice desktop too.

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a little lawn and a sprinkler?

In Other BSDs for 2020/06/13

I like having shorter link texts so they all line up, but sometimes it's unavoidably descriptive.

FreeBSD's new Code of Conduct.
Gaming on OpenBSD.
FreeBSD HEAD Binary Upgrades.  (via bsdweekly)
Install OpenBSD 6.7-current on a PineBook Pro 64.  (via bsdweekly)
TrueNAS is Multi-OS.  My hot take is that this is a side effect of ZFS becoming commoditized.
Speaking of which, ZFS: ad

me. yikes. 

Projekt: ONI shirt earlier I. The week and today my mask arrived after being delivered across the Atlantic by rowboat!

Now I can finally upgrade my third switch without setting off the UPS alarm. 😂​

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Trolling the Bylaw Officer with our Website Complaint Form to test email notifications.

Maybe I fixed it by specifying the Intel driver for Xorg. Maybe. Time will tell.

Strange though that by switching to this driver it reset my Gajim configuration and XFCE wallpaper?

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I think what I need to do is just go back to running -stable for a little while until this is worked out.

Or maybe I should actually learn how to submit a proper bug report first…

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Hmmm. Ever since the DRM update was committed in OpenBSD a few days ago my T580 is locking up constantly.

Maybe I need to search the mailing lists to see if anyone else is seeing this.

I feel sorry for full-time email and Exchange admins. Even with Office 365 I get stuff like this all the time:

L sent P and I an email but P didn’t get it!!! You MUST look into this!!!

I look into it…

L spelled P’s name wrong. That’s why they didn’t get the email.

Cool. My Projekt: ONI t-shirt arrived today. I had given up on it.

Last night through pure luck I was able to unlock my mother’s AppleID account. What I don’t understand is why, if she had a second, verified, “Security” email attached to her account they couldn’t have used that to help unlock the account.

Introducing A to the 1967 Spider-Man series. The one TRUE Spider-Man.

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