It's one of my favorite times right now. It's "pkg_add -D snap -u" time!

Me (looking at Windows Admin Center): Why the hell is my workstation using 90% CPU?!
Me: ORIGHT. Folding@home.

@JoYo It's *just* good enough but I always like learning and improving. And if I could make it detect and fix the connection profile quicker that would be even better.

This was just my quick and easy solution without really having to learn anything new. So I do very much appreciate the suggestion and the opportunity to improve my knowledge.

@JoYo Very cool, though currently beyond my skill set. I will look into it though!

Well, look at that. I actually made a blog post.

It probably won't be useful to hardly anyone but maybe someday, someone will find it useful.

Use PowerShell and Task Scheduler to automatically restart NLA when your server doesn't detect your network connection as DomainAuthenticated:

Sometimes I wish this is how the greater web was. But then I suppose the Fediverse wouldn't be quite the same.

I've not tried VcXsrv yet but X410 is impressively quick compared to MobaXterm and Xming. And it's on sale in the Microsoft store right now which is the only reason I bought it. The full price is obscene IMO.

Morrowind (openmw)runs impressively well on OpenBSD.

I may need to turn down the resolution a little but I'm quite impressed.

@zladuric It just makes it easier when doing virtualization to have each VLAN on a separate NIC and port on a switch. In my case, 1 port each for MGMT, Workstations, Servers and Wireless VLANs.

It's time for more religious thrash metal!

I can understand _one_ line in this song! Based on the comments the lead singer (who apparently played all the instruments except for drums on this album) is not a Satanist.

I think that's just a christian way of saying he's not part of the faith anymore.

@docskrzyk Ah yes, thank you! That makes things much cleaner. I think I could at least use this as a OneNote (which I only use for things that require lots of screenshots that org-mode isn't great for) replacement this way.

Not self-hosted but Simplenote works pretty well with the Firefox "Open in Sidebar" extension.

Finally can get my Dell R620 onto all my VLANs. A little bent up but nothing done pliers won’t fix. Okay I’m done spending money on servers and network gear for a while.

Since what I'm using Firefox Notes for is mostly static, I suppose I can just use a non-syncing notes app for FF and copy/paste changes to a text file in Next Cloud. Maybe.

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At this point I still just might be better off with Org-Mode + rsync/rclone.

Doesn't get me:
1. a mobile app (at least not on iOS)
2. a simple browser extension. Basically all I want to do is see my notes (basically plain text) in the sidebar.

Joplin was promising but it just made a mess of my Nextcloud by throwing a bunch of cryptically named files right in the root folder. And it only seems to pick up files that are created within the Joplin apps.

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@juliobiason This may be exactly what i was looking/hoping for, thanks!

With the demise of Firefox notes, I'd really like to have something like that (browser extension, mobile apps would be a bonus) but with the ability to self-host.

It’s a good day today. The other big event on Friday was MiL having hip replacement surgery. She was discharged after about 24 hours I think mostly to reduce COVID risk. And by this morning she’s feeling and walking a lot better.

Taking the kids to see their other grandparents today while my wife spends time with MiL until her nurse arrives later today.

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