I have a Kindle that is 10 years old now and Amazon is turning off direct store access on it. (I can still send new books to it over wireless.)

But it had me thinking about replacements. And for $99 the Pocketbook Lux 3 seems like a decent choice. FWIW I generally only use my Kindle for reading non-technical books.

When you start to setup Prosody for Postgres but then completely forget until a power outage causes a server restart and suddenly none of your accounts will connect anymore…

Fortunately I'm the only prosody user so far and there was only 2 account I needed to create after completing the Postgres configuration.

Power issues in my area causing flickering lights. I was today years old when I learned that UPSs HATE these conditions. And therefore all the computers in my lab hate these conditions too!

A little animation I made for my This Day In History mod for Mystic .

Temptation. Likely Misbehaving. 

How is anyone supposed to resist this?!

I'm excited about getting and setting up the Darktrace appliance and seeing what they see. But I'm reeeeeeally sure $2000CAD/month is going to be way beyond our budget.

Have a meeting with Darktrace this afternoon. Not sure what to think of them yet but some of their offerings may fill in some gaps here. We'll see!

re: IT Gore 

@SetecAstronomy Exactly this! In fact we get 1 TB of OneDrive storage with our Microsoft 365 Subscription. I tend to work on documents off that because it autosaves. Even with Autosave I find myself hitting the save button in office constantly even though it probably makes absolutely no difference.

IT Gore 

User: I worked on this spreadsheet for 4 days last week without saving it once. Can you recover it for me from somewhere?

checks autosave location and finds it empty

Me: Sorry, no. No I cannot.

OHAI Windows 11 aren't you cute.

Points into the distance

Oh hey what's that over there?!

inserts USB stick with Windows 10


re: Procrastination 

@paulgatling Very, very true! Every time I opened up my ticket system it was there staring at me. Every time I opened up LibreProject, it mocked me with my failed deadlines. 😂​


I've been meaning to migrate one of our sites/webapps to a new domain for which we purchased a proper SSL cert about a year ago. I kept putting it off knowing that there would be a bunch of work to go along with it.

Finally today LetsEncrypt just refused to work with this domain even though it worked fine for 9 other past renewals and nothing had changed.

So in my rage I decided to flip the switch to the new domain. Turns out the migration only took about 20 minutes of work.

Lesson: stop procrastinating @devrandom !

@signal9 My previous KDE attempt was probably around 10 years ago (SuSE, I think) and it was such a resource hog I never thought of it again. That is until a friend said he preferred KDE when using Fedora. Also I LOVE my T540p's. One always has OpenBSD on it and the other I tend to distro hop. Oh and I have a 3rd too but it has lower resolution. So I use FreeBSD on that one in the hope that some day they will fix the kernel panic during boot. Which reminds me, I should upgrade to 13.1 and see if they fixed it yet.

@signal9 I debated the i3 spin (years ago I used ratpoison which I think is the same basic idea) but since I mainly use this laptop to play around with things I know I'd never use it enough to learn i3 well enough and I'd just get frustrated.

That aside, I'm happy so far with KDE. I usually stick to XFCE so I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it runs on this older ThinkPad T540.

Security / domain filtering 

I’m no Ubiquiti fanboy but if they’re blocking it maybe that should tell this person something. 😂

@signal9 The biggest annoyance to me, is that out of the box I can't even minimize windows (or find an obvious way to do it).

I also was a little annoyed that I had to install extensions to make it more useful to me.

But it was at least fast. I just didn't want to have to install a whole bunch of stuff to make the UI feel comfortable.

I've been playing around with Fedora 36 on one of my ThinkPads. Overall I like it but there's just so much about Gnome I don't care for. So I'm going to try the KDE spin first and depending on how that goes I may try the XFCE spin as well.

MagiTerm is a really cool terminal for connecting to BBSs. Even cooler is that it compiles and runs on Haiku.

@Capheind it does and I've tried to use it but I just find having the tab groups at the top to be so much easier to use.

On the upside, Mozilla does seem to be "Exploring" this idea now. So even if it ends up looking more like Chrome/Edge groups, that would be a huge improvement.

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