This is the first place I've ever worked where they've essentially downsized the executives (didn't have to fire, some just moved on) and used the salaries to promote lower staff and give people raises. It's kinda nice!

BBS Update 

Alright. BBS is migrated to the latest version of Mystic now.

If you're so inclined, please come check it out!

Telnet: 23905
RLOGIN: 23915
SSH: 22905

Fidonet, fsxNet message networks.

Door Games provided by BBSLink and DoorParty as well as my own server (Nerd HavN).

If you're new, please send me a message here and I'll upgrade your access.

User: I moved my desk and now I can't get my monitors to come on. I've tried everything and checked all the connections.
Me: Goes upstairs to person's desk.
Me: Looks at the workstation.
Me: Pushes the power button and turns on the computer. :picardfacepalm:

I wasn't quite feeling working on my BBS during my breaks today, so instead I did some learning of Pascal and Lazarus IDE.

It's probably a lot to do with nostalgia from the BBS days but I'm really enjoying learning Pascal. FPC and Lazarus are really well put together.

Alright. Perhaps today will be the day I finish up upgrading my BBS to the latest version of Mystic and make it live. Just a couple more menus I need to finish up with on my breaks.

As well I've set up Synchronet BBS on a Win32 machine to act as a door game server so I can host some of my own doors. This is in addition to being part of BBSLink and DoorParty door game servers.

After that I'll start finding new EchoMail networks to join. Fidonet and fsxNet are really good but why not have MOAR?

Maybe Weednet, Micronet and some others. Maybe there needs to be a hackers focused FTN network!

CA Politics, COVID 

With 2 elections looming (Federal and municipal) and the constant war between anti-science, anti-vaccination and the rest of us on FB and bird site, social media has been a dumpster fire lately.

Fortunately the Fediverse has been a safe harbour, HT in particular. Thank you to all you awesome people!

In the same line of thinking, my BBS and some of the surrounding communities (Fidonet and fsxNet especially) have been another place I’ve enjoyed focusing my attention. Been doing a rebuild of CaNerDUH BBS that I will hopefully share soon. It will look much the same just re-organized a bit and with some added mods.

Playing around with qutebrowser a little this afternoon. I really like this actually. The vim keybindings are easy enough for me to remember and it's really quick!

Was trying to add a second IP to our WTP, so I could have a site-to-site VPN connection completely separate from the network that the rest of the plant is on.

Of course I don't have the proper contact person or security code or anything.

Eventually got things sorted out. Turns out their contact was a person from the Engineering firm that build the plant and not even someone from the Town who is actually paying the bills and running the plant. Fun times.

Got hooked on Beastie Boys today.

Paul's Boutique, License to Ill, Ill Communication, Hello Nasty and finished up with my favorite: The Mix-Up

@feonixrift In the past all my USB sticks just started to get flaky on me. I've had MicroSD cards lock as read-only when they've failed but this is the first time a USB stick has locked. Nice feature. At least I can still access the data already on it to save it to a new drive.

I'm rather impressed with the range of software WinGet will upgrade. Claws Mail, Lagrange LibreWolf, Calibre, Vim, pgAdmin…

So THAT is why my music career never took off. Damn you Raymond!

The twins started kindergarten last week. Today they were both very excited and had to tell me about their days.
B: I played princesses 2 times, made 4 new friends and learned to sign “I love you”!
A: I learned our school has a urinal and it flushes by itself!

Twins but couldn’t be more different! 😂

@thegibson you win my corner of the internet with the best dad joke of the day! 😂

TFW: Your favorite and fastest USB drive writes its last write and gets locked as read-only.



re: Life, aspirations, MH 

@erosdiscordia Cheers! I appreciate that.

I guess how I sometimes feel (and I'm sure a lot of people do) is that I'm always on the outside of the circle looking in at the "cool people". So more of a spectator than a part of the group.

Life, aspirations, MH 

There came a point in my life where I realized I'm not one of the cool people and I will never be one of the cool people.

Sometimes I still have trouble accepting this but I'm trying.

One thing has certainly helped my MH over the years. It helps for me to try and focus on the things I love. My kids: to A I'm still the coolest person in the world aside from Spider-Man. Love computers, especially working on my BBS (even though I'm definitely not cool in the BBS circle either 😂). And music. Commuting to and from work is my favorite times of each day.

During the first few days of vacation, wife and I binge watched Season 1 of Westworld. It was so good I’m afraid to move on.

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