And my Wireguard/PF related kernel panic is already fixed in the very next snapshot. Just one of the reasons I love .

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Oh fun. My first real kernel panic in . It happens when I run Remmina but since the error seems to be with PF and I’m connecting to a device over VPN I suspect it might have more to do with Wireguard than anything else.

Whatever bug I was hitting last week seems to be fixed now. I'm back to using the modesetting driver instead of the Intel driver in Xorg. Which is nice because the performance "feels" better and the Intel driver was doing a few weird things. Example: after XFCE's screensaver kicked in, the screen would be blank (white and unresponsive) when I returned and I'd need to CTRL+ALT+Backspace and sign in again.

Since new snapshots are available for again. I think it's a good day to backup and perform a fresh install.

I always get excited when I have to add "-D snap" to my pkg_add -u on -current because I know the new release is coming soon!

So, I think I have my Gamepad issue narrowed down to permissions; however, I'm not sure there is an actual solution.

doas nestopia sees the gamepad but of course is unable to open a display.

Running nestopia as the user, no joysticks are found.

Is there any work-arounds for this? seems to suggest there is not but maybe someone out there has something?

Switched the ThinkPad T580 over to OpenBSD-current. (Why not live life on the bleeding edge sometimes?)

Of all the OSs I use, non are as painless to get re-installed as .

So, last night I discovered even with my brand new ThinkPad and , I'm still having issues with wireless on my Unifi setup. During startup everything connects but shortly after the wireless loses connectivity and can't connect to anything again until after a restart. But if I connect to my WRT1900AC, everything is perfect. At work connecting to our Meraki APs and our Cambium Network APs, I have no problems at all.

Today I restarted both APs and USG, we'll see if that keeps things stable for now.

My ThinkPad took a quick tour through Louisville, KY today! (I may be a little over-excited about this.)

On a slightly related note, today I learned how to get my Windows 10 Product Key from the BIOS under , with iasl today! I likely won't have any need for that key but it's fun to know I can, if I want to.

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