Lemon Ginger tea to help fight this cold is consumed. Now back to my beverage of choice. Hopefully this being a light roast will have the extra little bit of caffeine I need to make it though the day.

Every Canadian who really loves their coffee knows that Tim Horton's is some of the worst coffee you can buy. In fact many coffee chains have terrible coffee. The reason for this is that they use "blends" of beans. Usually these companies use blends so they can put in cheap, sub-par beans without making the coffee completely undrinkable.

You will get much better coffee from a local roaster and/or buying coffee that comes from a single place. Even better if you buy whole bean and grind it yourself.

But when you're on the go, if you must buy from a larger chain, McDonald's actually has one of the best-tasting coffees available.

You know it’s going to be a good day when your favourite local roaster has been to your place.


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