potty humour? 

Apt. This also applies to encryption back doors.

Windows being Windows 

Actually, I think I'll pass on this one…

Normally I’m not big on flavoured coffee but this stuff from my brother-in-law is pretty good!

Apparently “pfff” is the official term for the sound the Sodastream makes…

selfie, ec 

Well the water treatment plant modem replacement was simple enough. Just had to swap the old with the new.

But it left me uneasy. They have a really nice setup with a bunch of Cisco gear; however, the installers didn’t leave any setup documentation. They only left the vanilla docs that came with the equipment.

I guess that’ll be my project in the new year!

I’ve always been curious to know exactly what this is but I haven’t had hardware I’m willing to sacrifice yet.

So much this. So many address collisions when I started this job.

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