A little animation I made for my This Day In History mod for Mystic .

Temptation. Likely Misbehaving. 

How is anyone supposed to resist this?!

Security / domain filtering 

I’m no Ubiquiti fanboy but if they’re blocking it maybe that should tell this person something. 😂

MagiTerm is a really cool terminal for connecting to BBSs. Even cooler is that it compiles and runs on Haiku.

Did a thing for my BBS. Made a simple, "secure" random password generator Door/Mod.

Ouch. Oh well. HE says I’m good. They even sent me a T-Shirt. What else do I need?!

My boss ordered an 85” tv for a meeting room from a furniture store because no one else had any in stock. After working very hard and very carefully they mounted it in the meeting room today. When they turned it on…

Programming, lame meme 

Me (who is not a programmer) trying to fully wrap my brain around recursive functions in Pascal tonight.

Ahhh. Spring on the Canadian Prairies. This flowering crab will bloom for maybe 3 days in a year.

While I've made a few personal BBS mods this is the first I've made that is… somewhat ready for general consumption. On fsxNet someone asked if there was an On This Day type mod for Mystic BBS.

I figured this would be a good way to further improve my Python skills (I wish I was better with Pascal and MPL but right now I can be more efficient in learning with Python).

Here's the git repo, please feel free to browse and pull apart my coding as I'm still novice and trying to get better.


My alerts inbox whenever Microsoft is having issues with SharePoint Online

(Because apparently it ties the file sharing operations for all their other services together.)

Still a work-in-progress (I have some ideas for glitch effects that I want to try and implement) but I made a mod for my BBS using Python that's a tribute to hackers.town.

Compiling QEMU 7.0 on a RPi4(8GB, Debian Bullseye). This may take a while…


Another Christian holiday = another opportunity for me to post more blasphemy!

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