A little upgrade in my home lab while I'm waiting for other things to finish here at work this afternoon.


Why you gotta be like this to me Carbon Black? 😭

This is trying to run Windows Sandbox on my new ThinkPad. So sad.

And as everyone suggested, Replication health is back to normal now!

Server Porn 


Backup server done. Will hopefully install the new RAM in the primary/production server this weekend.

More Easter blasphemy 

What better way to celebrate death than with eggs?!

Not the new furnace and A/C I was hoping for this year but the wind decided this was the priority.

I might move the laptop to the other side of the desk but… I think this will do. For now.

I don't really like you Google but at least you still have a bit of a sense of humor…


Well if that’s the case, this Jebuz guy can’t be that bad.

Sure it's not the prettiest app ever made but it works. And it's mine. So maybe that counts for something?

Just -29C heading to -34C. No big deal. Just another winter day in Canada.

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