Sometimes I wish this is how the greater web was. But then I suppose the Fediverse wouldn't be quite the same.

Finally can get my Dell R620 onto all my VLANs. A little bent up but nothing done pliers won’t fix. Okay I’m done spending money on servers and network gear for a while.

So long sweet girl. You were the best kitty we could have ever hoped for. You’re not suffering anymore. 😭

No one I know here but I’m in a few FB groups that closely resemble this. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

And FWIW I use Linux/BSD often.

*gasp* okay good I can breath again.

It seems very similar to the top and bottom items listed here, even though I'm no longer on this version.

When I CTRL+ALT_DEL to login I just get the spinning circles for a few minutes until it times out and then throws me back to the lock screen. Never lets me even enter a password.

Via RDP it responds lets me send credentials but times out before anything else happens. Yet all other services are working. This happened regularly on our file server before upgrading. Happened once on the DC, and now on my SQL server. Eventually it'll smrten up and let me in. At least in the other cases it has.

On this day, in 2011 Anthrax - Worship Music was released. One of my favourite metal albums and possibly one of the best metal albums of all time.

I wish upgrading Cisco firmware was a real job. I wouldn't even care about the fan noise. I just love watching this on the console screen.

This expresses my problem with most conspiracy theories so accurately.

I bought a cheap portable audio player from Wish. “User’s Manual” is pretty much the only English in the actual manual. 😂

It’s new coffee day tomorrow! From my favourite local roaster: BEAN THERE.

The most difficult part is deciding which one to brew first. And for the record, it will be Honduras tomorrow.

So the hockey team I cheer for has been having online 50/50 draws. The last one was over $5 million when they shut down ticket sales. Today they supposedly had it all fixed. Except. Their Geo location checking is broken now. People are raging. 😂​

Wow. is making a comeback. I haven't used it for years after I found

My biggest annoyance at the time was how everything kept getting bigger and using more screen real estate. Interestingly, that's a big gripe I have with the birdsite's current design. I used to be able to have so much information at a glance without scrolling but now I get 1 full post as is.

My quick and dirty PowerShell script to restart the Network Location Awareness service on Windows when the network isn't using the DomainAuthenticated profile.

Assumes only a single network connection which makes it less useful for non-servers.

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