So THAT is why my music career never took off. Damn you Raymond!

I love my office at work now and given that it’s a small group I feel safe there. But I do miss having this as my work from home setup. Treadmill, fireplace and my beloved drum set.

I can’t wait until the kids are a little older and I can set these up again!


It wasn’t me but I spent far too much of my life helping people with this. Perhaps I owe it some gratitude for the experience I gained. But… NO! F you Limewire all the same! 😂​

I love ordering off Wish. I was today years old when I learned resistors bands are also known as “dingit”s 😂

Password security 

Stolen from FB so no idea what service/app this is but…


Garden Gore ? 

We had to cut down our willow tree a couple years ago because it was unsafe and part of it took down a section of our fence.

Somehow we ended up with mushrooms growing right where the trunk was removed. And they grew like mad there! This was only about a quarter of what I dug up. I was able to kill most of them with an herbicide but this spot they just keep bubbling up from the ground. It’s pretty wild!

The migration away from multiple subnets down to one is almost complete!

Well, would you look at that. This old dog can do… stuff…

I made a little python mod for my BBS. Just a simple fortune display. I need to figure out how to format the fortunes data so it displays better, but it's a start!


Local sign bandits have been at it again.


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