Over time, my BBS is starting to look a little better. Still not sure how much I love Syncronet but for now it will do!

I think the next step for my BBS is to build my own Command Shell. I think that is what i need to do to make it act how I want to.

I am also playing around with VADV32, PCBoard and MysticBBS behind the scenes. So if I start to make more progress with those, there could be a switch.

@devrandom so you love #synchronet & #openbsd? That's pretty interesting, I actually had an OBSD Synchronet bbs running for a few years (was writing my own command shell for it, too). I'm trying to get it restored, but to a linux machine, right now, being as it was a real pain in the ass trying to be the _only_ OBSD user when new compatibility problems arose.

I'll have to dig through your toots here and see if I can find an address for it or anything. Or is it just on a LAN for fun for now?:)

@ouahful this is all true. Though I’m running my BBS(s) on Windows for now because of time mostly. I’d also like to write my own command shell since I miss the customizability I had with RemoteAccess.

My public BBS is (23902/22902, telnet/ssh). I’m playing around with PCBoard, VADV32/VBBS and MysticBBS as well but they’re just local unless I start preferring them over Syncronet.

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