I've been meaning to migrate one of our sites/webapps to a new domain for which we purchased a proper SSL cert about a year ago. I kept putting it off knowing that there would be a bunch of work to go along with it.

Finally today LetsEncrypt just refused to work with this domain even though it worked fine for 9 other past renewals and nothing had changed.

So in my rage I decided to flip the switch to the new domain. Turns out the migration only took about 20 minutes of work.

Lesson: stop procrastinating @devrandom !


Think about all that mental anguish you carried while putting it off! I hate that too!


re: Procrastination 

@paulgatling Very, very true! Every time I opened up my ticket system it was there staring at me. Every time I opened up LibreProject, it mocked me with my failed deadlines. 😂​

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