I've been playing around with Fedora 36 on one of my ThinkPads. Overall I like it but there's just so much about Gnome I don't care for. So I'm going to try the KDE spin first and depending on how that goes I may try the XFCE spin as well.

@devrandom Out of curiosity, what is it you don't like about Gnome?

@signal9 The biggest annoyance to me, is that out of the box I can't even minimize windows (or find an obvious way to do it).

I also was a little annoyed that I had to install extensions to make it more useful to me.

But it was at least fast. I just didn't want to have to install a whole bunch of stuff to make the UI feel comfortable.

@devrandom Yeah, there are a few things I had to do to using tweaks and extensions. I switched to i3 not long ago, not because of Gnome but because tiling.

@signal9 I debated the i3 spin (years ago I used ratpoison which I think is the same basic idea) but since I mainly use this laptop to play around with things I know I'd never use it enough to learn i3 well enough and I'd just get frustrated.

That aside, I'm happy so far with KDE. I usually stick to XFCE so I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it runs on this older ThinkPad T540.

@devrandom Hey, I'm on a T540p! Outside of my work it's my daily driver. I thought I'd try i3 for a lark and ended up sticking with it. On Qubes I run xfce and like it just fine. I haven't tried KDE in probably 15 years, lol!

@signal9 My previous KDE attempt was probably around 10 years ago (SuSE, I think) and it was such a resource hog I never thought of it again. That is until a friend said he preferred KDE when using Fedora. Also I LOVE my T540p's. One always has OpenBSD on it and the other I tend to distro hop. Oh and I have a 3rd too but it has lower resolution. So I use FreeBSD on that one in the hope that some day they will fix the kernel panic during boot. Which reminds me, I should upgrade to 13.1 and see if they fixed it yet.

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