@devrandom @cat used to be neutral evil/chaotic evil.
But vertical is useful for typing

@devrandom Chaotic good currently. My 2nd monitor is a 21 year old 4:3 Dell LCD (OEM was Sony back when they were the best). It was cutting edge at the time, & since it still hasn't burned out a single pixel, I'm going to keep using it. Though, Lawful Good is my preference. I say that, but in an ideal world, I'd have 6 monitors. Then I'll finally have enough desktop space for everything.


Right now, I'm dual monitoring. But with two desktops. What alignment would that be?

Be nice to get back to lawful good. Done LG, NG, CG, LN and N. Never tried any of the vertically orientated ideas.

@devrandom I keep fittin gin the Chaotic Neutral slot. *shrug*

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