I think the biggest "flaw" I've found in Pascal (or at least the MPL version of it) is that functions can only be loaded from the top down.

With Free Pascal / Delphi / Lazarus Units you can declare functions in the "interface" section and then define them (I think I used declare and define correctly here) in the "implementation" section.

This vexed me for a bit while trying to write a menu for my application. Until I learned about Repeat / Until loops which makes all of this much easier.

I was (still am when possible) a big fan of the Modula-2 etc system of a clear separation of definition and implementation modules. You can write the definition and give it to one team and ask them to write an implementation, and another team and ask them to write tests, and probably both will then come back and say 'this bit is not clear'

@JohnLines This makes sense for sure! And in a language like Pascal would certainly cut down on redundancy in code.

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