Last day of work before 1.5 weeks of vacation. Not slacking but also not overexerting myself…

@mgrondin Thanks! No big plans this year. Things are still a little too iffy in this area. But the kids will keep going to daycare and we will relax and take care of a few chores around the house. As well the kids have their first day of school on Sept 2 so I'll have the day off to soak that up.

@devrandom that's too bad. Hopefully you can still enjoy your time off.

We got lucky for our vacation. Things where quiet enough that we went camping. Now things are crazy. All COVID restrictions have been lifted and cases are going up like crazy. I would not do much either if my vacation was now. And people dare say that the restrictions did not help...

@thegibson Exactly. I did perform a Lansweeper upgrade but that doesn't really count I don't think since it's pretty straightforward. 😎​

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