I love my office at work now and given that it’s a small group I feel safe there. But I do miss having this as my work from home setup. Treadmill, fireplace and my beloved drum set.

I can’t wait until the kids are a little older and I can set these up again!

@swaggboi My first summer out of high school (1995) I had a decent summer job before going to college so that is what I bought myself with the pay from that.

Overkill definitely but at the time it seemed like the most important thing I could be doing. haha

Those look tight together, is that how you play them? Are they Pearls?

@paulgatling That's mostly how I played them, though, depending on what I was playing at the time I switched things up occasionally. Sometimes I'd put the 14" tom on the left side beside the hi-hat. Other times I'd use it as a 5 piece with just the 14" tom and the 2 floor toms.

They're Tama Rockstars. For some reason at that time they were the greatest drums. (Probably because of Lars Ulrich, lol)

Nice man! I just got myself a set of used vdrums for my birthday, wanting to get back into things after a brief multi-decade pause. It feels good to get back into it and the kids are maintaining curiosity which is really cool!

I don't think I ever played a Tama set. The lugs look nice, my second guess was going to be Premiers.. what color are they?

@paulgatling Awesome! I've been considering getting some vdrums. I could probably trust the kids around them and it would protect my wife's sanity a little more. 😂​

And of course being a Tool fan I'd LOVE to get some Mandala's some day:

My kit is just plain black. Not anything super-fancy but they're mine. 😎​

Whoa, those pads are spendy! Neat idea though..

Yeah the guys craigslist ad about the vdrums said "you'll think you've died and gone to haven, your neighbors will just think you died"

They don't need to be fancy to feel when when you're playing them!

@paulgatling They are definitely beyond my price range currently. But they are really, really nice.

There's a drum-cam video of Tool - Pneuma and Danny Carry uses them a lot in that song.

I've seen some cheaper vdrum sets in online adds (around $250 CAD) and I'm tempted to grab some. They don't need to be great, just enough to get back in practice again.

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