Working on a BBS has really reminded me why I got no sleep during my last 2 years of high-school. I would always be up into the early hours working on things.

@devrandom I need to check out the current BBS scene. Hoping it sparks the joy it used to.

@technoid_ @devrandom what do you recommend for a Linux console terminal? I’ve used a couple good ANSI ones but they require graphics mode :P

@requiem @technoid_ That is a good question! I've only ever used Qodem, SyncTerm and Netrunner which I believe all required graphics mode.

I'll see if I can figure anything out though.

@devrandom @technoid_ I love netrunner, my fave when I have a laptop of my own handy

@technoid_ your main choices are Enigma 1/2, Mystic and Synchronet, all will give you some SSH and rlogin support. You can also go more old-school with NetFoss (still maintained) which is Telnet only but should pretty much make any old BBS software accessible. VBBS/Vadv32 uses it (I have that running as well) and I've played around a bit with PCBoard using NetFoss.

I've been feeling good with Mystic but Enigma 1/2 has a nice feature set.

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