As part of my project to shrink my server/vm footprint, I've got Pi-Hole and Unifi controller software set up on my RPi3. Once I finish the setup and move everything over, that will be 2 more VMs I can power down.

Then I've got a Rpi4 (8GB) that I'm setting up next. I'm going to see how Mystic BBS runs on it and if I can run DOSEMU on it, and the doors perform reasonably well, then I'll move the BBS over to that instead.

And… then I need to decide what else could go on that thing.

@devrandom Can confirm. Mystic flies on Rpi4. Dosemu can be finicky, ymmv.

@docskrzyk Great! I did have it working a few years ago under Linux (and if I didn't delete the VM I probably have the scripts for some of the doors still kicking around).

At the time, I opted to go back to Windows since it was just easier, and all my ANSI editors were DOS/Windows but… I think I maybe could be ready to give things a try again since I'm a little less rusty now, than I was then.

@devrandom It's supposedly a bit bloaty, but I think you'll like Moebius for ascii art editing

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