Ugly data formats 

Today I found out the town bought a new system for their bulk water station (DON'T BUY SHIT WITHOUT CONSULTING IT) for $16,000CAD and uses COMPACT FLASH cards.

"They told us it's compatible with our software."

Today I get an email: "I don't know what to do with these files!"

I look, the files are a .IOM extension.

Copy them, open them… I see what's in the screenshot.

Seem to be asc/csv with a bunch of null characters. Remove the null characters and open them in a spreadsheet. Fine.

Looks to be first column: User/account#, second: volume (no idea what units), third: monthly volume, fourth: date, fifth: time.

Now unless the company we bought this from has some software to easily convert this into something useful, I need to come up with a workflow that someone who knows NOTHING about computers can use to convert this each month. Maybe something in C#.

re: Ugly data formats 

After that rant, the solution may be as simple as:

(Get-Content "E:\JCI0421.IOM") -replace "`0", "" | Set-Content "E:\test-out.csv"

So maybe I'll be able to do it easier with PowerShell, or just have a C# execute that with PowerShell.

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re: Ugly data formats 

@devrandom I'd had good success in the past giving people batch/powershell scripts they can just drag and drop files onto.
unfortunately there's an extra step for powershell: you have to make a shortcut to powershell with the script as an argument..

re: Ugly data formats 

@mr64bit Outstanding, thank you! Since it's only needed for one user I don't mind having a few steps to set it up.

re: Ugly data formats 

@devrandom you are now, literally mind you, a bitplumber.

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