Fire chief brought in his laptop to me, "Why is this thing so F@#$ing slow?!"

I look. It's an old HP ProBook with a mechanical drive…

"Well sir it's slow because you turn it on once every 2 months and Windows decides to do AV Scan/Updates, Windows Updates and Disk Defragmentation all at the same time which makes all 3 of those happen extra slow."

I'm going to put in a SSD which will hopefully help a little. If he used it more than once every 2 months I could probably get them to spend a couple thousand of their budget on a new laptop.

On the other hand, he probably only uses it once every 2 months because it's so slow. So we have a chicken and egg sort of problem.

@egret unfortunately. I can more or less get away with nearly any OS but knowing their skill level and the software he uses… (it's a volunteer fire department and he's retired and not very computer savvy)

@devrandom The SSD will help, for sure. If you could convince him to use a lightweight GNU/Linux (eg something with a Mate desktop) as a replacement for Windows, that would help even more.

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