My ThinkPad Carbon X1 Extreme just got delivered.

How am I supposed to concentrate on the other things I need to do BEFORE I can set this up?!

@devrandom Quick go grab it and remail it to yourself to buy some time!

@Ventronik I might just have to. It's just sitting there mocking me right now!

@devrandom Was it one that you customized when you ordered? If so i’m curious how long it took for you to receive it. i ordered a Thinkpad L13 March 3rd and expected ship date is May 21st 😩

@swaggboi it is! It was ordered mid-late January and finally just got here (we were told early April though). The wait has been excruciating!

@devrandom @swaggboi I was veeeery tempted to go thinkpad, but I really wanted to give both AMD and tuxedo a chance and so I went with tuxedo pulse. But I really wish I could _also_ get a thinkpad :)

@zladuric @devrandom Looks like the Tuxedo Pulse includes a built-in Ethernet port 👍

A gripe I have with newer Thinkpads is they replaced the Ethernet jack with this proprietary connector... That you plug a proprietary Ethernet dongle into 🤦‍♂️

@swaggboi @zladuric I agree about the ethernet port definitely. I am fortunate enough to have got a dock for it for at the office at least. If I was going to work from home for any length of time though, I'd probably have to bring the dock with me, or perhaps I'll just have to suck up to my boss and get the adapter for at home.

@devrandom @zladuric Yeah I just sucked it up and bought the $28 dongle myself 🙄 at least this one still has a USB port! I see Dell (latest XPS) and HP (EliteBook 830 G8) not only got rid of Ethernet but USB-A ports as well! If I want a Macbook... I'll just buy a Macbook thank you very much

@swaggboi @devrandom personally I like that I have all those things, but it is not relevant to me. for me, if i need a mobile computer, then i usually really need it to be mobile, travel with it, go to a hotel or a vacation or something. if i need all the peripherals, then I'm likely at home office or office office working and have a dock and no issues.

but i do have a desktop as well and have all the ports. and for work laptpo i also get a dock.

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