-31C this morning. -34C tomorrow morning. GO AWAY WINTER.

And who am i to complain really. Further north in the province was -41C yesterday morning. Yet, I'm still going to complain. Winter is stupid.

@devrandom Wow. We once had -20C here and it felt reaaaaally cold. I imagine that public life would be suspended here if we had -34C.

How is your situation, do you still do everything as normal or do you stay at home/office and do not much else?

@_xhr_ we still do what we can. The kids still went to daycare and I'm at the office. But schools outside of the city are mostly cancelled because the buses won't run and it would probably be dangerous to have kids waiting outside for the buses in these conditions.

Also most cars here have electric block heaters that we plug in overnight to keep the engine block warm enough to start.

@devrandom Oh, wow. Never thought about the fact that my car won't start in the morning. I guess I wouldn't be well prepared for the arctic apocalypse 😎

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