Fired up the Windows laptop because @thegibson mentioned Civ IV and I can’t play that one in Steam on Linux… 😆

@devrandom yeah, never got ported.

The GOG version is at least the untampered with original, steam version has been modified from the original, took away direct IP connection.

@thegibson oh right! Pretty sure I own the GOG version too. Maybe I should try and run it with wine.

@devrandom @thegibson It runs pretty well with Steamplay, even most mods. Or with stock Wine as well.

But I can't say anything about the multiplayer, if that is the issue. Never played multiplayer, even back when it was new and I used Windows.

@eldaking @thegibson good to know, thanks! Single player is all I care about anyways.

@devrandom @thegibson I have really fond memories of Civ 2 and 3.
Was IV just as good?

@elixx @devrandom

I think 4 is where the whole series peaked. I loved 2&3 as well, but 4 was where the tech and the gameplay really brought the whole thing together.

@thegibson @elixx it’s true 4 was really great. And I do enjoy 5 a lot too but not as much.

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