QAnon / USPol / Friendship 

It’s tough but I may just have to quietly sever ties with my QAnon following friend from childhood. While I don’t fear him becoming violent physically (he believes social media is the real battleground) it’s got to the point where I can’t even have a normal conversation with him.

We care about some of the same things but for different reasons. He’s trying to de-Google but instead of it being purely for privacy it’s because he believes that Google is his left/ liberal enemy.

It amazes me how left / right focused he’s become. Maybe that’s because for the longest time I’ve avoided placing myself on a political spectrum. I personally believe in a policy of respect and humanity. This tends to align my beliefs with left political parties more often then not but not exclusively.

QAnon / USPol / Friendship 

@devrandom Oof. I’m in the same boat, and my friends are frustrated that I just can’t see the simple truth, as they imagine it. Them: can we at least agree that this election was stolen? Me: WTF are you actually talking about? Them: 😢

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