Had a strange RDP issue with a brand new laptop yesterday. Black screen on logon, just hung there. Turns out it was a bad Carbon Black install. Second time this has happened to me now.

Seems similar to this: community.carbonblack.com/t5/K

But the issue was supposed to be fixed many versions prior. Fortunately, running the sensor removal tool and re-installing seems to do the trick!

Just glad I don't have to refresh the laptop.

Argh. Or maybe a re-install didn't fix it. Well, let's see if an OS refresh will fix things.

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Further investigation shows that it just affects new logins. If I'm already signed into a computer and try to make a RDP connection with that same user, the connection opens fine.

If no one is signed into the computer, then i get the black screen of death.

This seems very similar to this recent KB article: community.carbonblack.com/t5/K but this is Windows 10 and not Windows 7. Moreover, Installing a 3.5.x sensor doesn't resolve the issue on Windows 10.

Submitted feedback. Maybe they will have an answer.

Okay, I've exhausted everything I can think of. Time for a Windows 10 Reset. If that doesn't work then I guess I'll have to go with Webroot on this laptop, unfortunately.

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Created a case with Carbon Black, we'll see if they can offer me any assistance before it's too late.

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While I didn't solve the issue entirely, I have figured something out. I did a re-install of Windows 10, using a Windows 10 Pro USB I made with the Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool.

After that and installing Carbon Black, I can RDP exactly as expected.

This made me think: the problem laptop I had prior, I made the USB from a Volume License image. Lenovo probably makes their images from a volume license image.

So something about the Volume License image is different than the consumer Windows 10 Pro downloaded image and possibly causing the RDP problems I've experienced.

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