Getting a LE cert into SonicWall was quite a pain, but we got it, and it works!

Doing that every 3 months is going to be a pain though. Maybe I just need to learn how to set up my own CA and distribute the keys through AD.

@devrandom A work item does this, poorly.

I reccomend protecting your own sanity and unless this is what you will be charging others for, and only charging for that, you instead look at alleviating the existing pain and not adding 4 or 28 layers of additional pain.

If you do go the additional pain route, be sure to start with reading many, many best practices discussions on this (there are probably some out there, I only have an example of OMG NEVER DO WHAT THE WORK PROJECT DID EVER.)

@devrandom it is less difficult than they make it sound.

@thegibson I think, what I've decided is to just stop being cheap and next year we'll pay the $120CAD-ish for a Wildcard cert. And maybe, now that I've got the LE cert working in the SonicWall, it may be easier next time. Though it would still be a manual process every 3 months but hopefully less steps.

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