Despite my better judgement I joined Parler about a week ago it of curiosity. At first it was a complete cesspool (okay it still is mostly) but now there’s a growing number of brilliant trolls joining and I love it.

My first favourite is @comradeJesus and now I just discovered @realJim8kun. 🍿

@devrandom Thank you for doing the hard work on the frontlines.

@vortex_egg i have to really watch myself from a MH perspective with the site but that seems to be the case for all social media anyways.

@devrandom Dissocial media, disinformation, dismediation, cult formation, propaganda, behavioral manipulation, are all massive individual and public health issues.

I feel bad for frontline researchers (and I’m getting on a path to possibly become one, or maybe just stick to theory and tooling).

I feel REALLY bad for social media platform content moderators. Apparently the burnout rates and psychological health problems are terrible. Maybe they don’t moderate at all on Parler.

@vortex_egg I’d believe that. Took me a long time to know when to walk away from SM. And I still always do it when I should. I can’t imagine moderating or researching and being forced to sift through the crap all the time. At least now I can block/hide/unfollow when I need to.

@devrandom I knew someone who had to look at pornography on the job at Facebook in order to feed it into learning algorithms for automated detection and moderation. He was really squicked-out by the whole thing.

Also considering that you don’t apply to specific positions there... you get hired and then they assign you to a team. It was not what he thought he was signing up for.

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