Anyone I know familiar with Azure AD Connect?

Right now Office 365 is completely separate from AD.

If I turn it on, is it going to start wiping out peoples' Office 365 passwords on me?

@devrandom Azure AD uses Office 365 credentials, so it should not wipe any passwords, the problem is if your users log into their computers with on-prem AD credentials, op-prem AD and Office365/Azure AD credentials will not be linked.

If you want to use Azure AD credentials for SSO you will need to create new user profiles in your user's computers.

That was what I was planning on my previous job, but I left before the migration started. So I don't have more info for you!! 😅​

@poncio Thank you, this is exactly what I was wondering. Eventually I'd like SSO but for now I want to make sure that O365 passwords aren't wiped out with on-prem AD credentials. (Some people only use O365, and only have on-prem AD credentials from our retired, on-prem Exchange server.)

@devrandom I was thinking after my reply and I'm really not sure about the AD connect part... I feel I was not sure about what profile may prevail (o365 or on-prem) and we didn't want to risk deleting our CEO O365 account (and all their emails, et) and as our plan was to move everything to the cloud, we never activated Connect, we just started recreating user profiles with Azure AD authentication...

So don't get my word for it!! also, that was almost two years ago, and Azure AD capabilities were changing by the month then...

What I'm sure is that MS was promoting Azure AD and they never had any plan to sync Azure AD with on-prem (at least not completely/functionally)

@devrandom @poncio There's a password write-back option that'll write their azure AD password back to AD and vice versa but it requires a more expensive license. Might not be exactly what you're asking.

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