Fun with electricity. When one of our accountants wears certain dress pants that generate static electricity and touches one of two door jams, it either causes our HR person's monitors to temporary go out or their Staples easy button to go off.

We've had the outlets tested and their power bars don't show any wiring faults. Ghosts?

@c0debabe @djsundog It absolutely is battery powered. Though I think the batteries are low. It's been know to go off randomly as well. As a parent of young kids with annoying noisy toys I know all too well how drained batteries cause cheap devices to do such things. 😂​

@devrandom @djsundog I left my easy button in the office and went on vacation. When I came back from vacation it was broken. My coworkers and boss had played with it so much while I was gone that it died. Like even replacing the batteries didn't help.

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