@thegibson you're probably correct. Happens to me all the time here.

@devrandom how does "it was working before I got near it, when I approached, it spontaneously stopped working, and should never have worked in the first place" fit into that?

Asking for a friend

@devrandom I would add clearing the cache to that and it would pretty much cover it.

@devrandom every now and then I get to use some common sense to solve the problem and that's magical.

For the rest of the time, it's Google. :blabcat:

the green thing always happens here:
"could you have a look? something isn't working"
(mumble mumble clicketyclick)
"seems to work fine"
"how is this possible? it didn't work and I tried EVERYthing!"
"yeah..... :) "

@devrandom lacks "but how did it work for 2 years ? it's not possible"

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