Starting to update my Python Wireguard script to work on Linux (currently only works with OpenBSD) but motivating myself is difficult. Especially since I'm going to have so much re-indenting to do now.

The thing about this is, I'm pretty sure that no IT person ever has claimed to like supporting printers.

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Show me an IT person that says they like supporting printers and I'll show you a LIAR.

Oh awesome. My Halloween projector that I ordered in August should arrive on November 2…

I don't think I'll take SEO (or any) advice from someone that can't actually count to 10.

And the clue that I /should/ have noticed a long time ago was an extension cord going up the wall into the drop ceiling where that router was sitting.

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Wow. There's been a device on the network I couldn't identify for the longest time. I had given up some time ago. Today I was trying to connect a printer to the Corp wireless network. The printer connected but had a completely out to lunch IP address. Checked on my phone and sure enough, an incorrect IP address on the same subnet as the printer. WTF.

After searching around and finding nothing. I went to a user who has been here and in that part of the basement the longest and mentioned I think there's some sort of rogue wireless router down here somewhere.

He says, "You mean like the one Lorne put in the ceiling over there?" Lorne is my predecessor. Sure enough, up in the ceiling we pulled out a D-Link wireless router. Connected to a hub. A HUB!

It was using the same SSID as the corporate wireless network but acting as a standalone NAT router. I think after it was installed, a second AP was added for the corp wireless network making the signal better in the basement so it was really unnecessary now.

I'm embarrassed that I didn't find it before now but it just hadn't got in the way of anything before today.

Budget season is a rough time for our Finance Director to have a little one in daycare. And constantly being sent home. All this while her husband is working out of town for weeks at a time.

Just watched Over the Moon on Netflix and someone started cutting onions in here.

Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 on the RPi is pretty decent so far. Though a little unstable around display settings and display power.

Pretty awesome to finally see an Open Source CAD get to the point of being a serious competitor to any Autodesk products. Even better that it's greed that is pushing most users to discover and use FreeCAD.

This morning my wife forgot how to turn the high beams off/on, on the van. Good times. 😂​

The world is a little bit darker tonight. This guy was an absolute legend! RIP Joey.

The joys of being "The IT person". Having random objects left at my desk because they have wires or LEDs on them.

Today's random object: a barbecue igniter.

I wish it still had a charge so I could rig it up on the chair of whoever left it here.

I don't remember who it was that said Soulseek was still a thing, but whoever it was, you're awesome.

It’s true. No wait. I can’t name any current SCOTUS Justices either…

I'm sure you do have a surprise…

I think I'll be saving this as a teaching example.

This is pretty cool. The University of Alberta has launched a free online course on Science Literacy.

Learn to tell the difference between real and pseudoscience.

Started working on this at least a year ago and finally finished it.

A little powershell script (to be run as a user logon script) that gathers some basic information on computers and users.

It creates 2 files, one based on the computer name and another based on the username. Each contain the same information, each can be useful at different times.

Maybe I can clean it up and throw it on git, if anyone finds it useful.

Automatically generated QAnon 'theories' 

#QAnon #ConspiracyTheory #FarRight #fascism


I forced a bot to read over 1,000 hours of QAnon theories and then asked it to write QAnon theories of its own. Here they are.

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