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Travis Owen

Hmmm I wonder how my wife would feel about me tying up the landline to host a BBS old school style.

Sundays with twin toddlers are $DEITY’s way of making sure you are actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

I want to make an iPad jigsaw puzzle game where randomly there’s a missing puzzle piece like in real life. Only on my game you could get that piece back with an in-app purchase (I’m not a complete monster.)

Bought Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch. Minecraft with a console controller feels so difficult and clunky but slowly I’m getting the hang of it.

Today I got the privilege of training the people my company has outsourced my job to. How was your day?

TFW: you are jumping over lava in and the window temporarily freezes at the exact same time. Just about gives me heart failure every time.

Writing a condolence message for a co-worker who lost his 6 year old son on Friday is no doubt, up there as one of the most difficult things I've ever had to write.

Nothing you can write is adequate, and I can only imagine how inconsolable I would be with the loss of one of my own children.

After a few weeks of use my impression of the Nintendo Switch is that it's decent but Nintendo is still missing the mark in some key areas.

1. Once again they launched with an underwhelming line-up. This is improving a little. And Skyrim in my hands is pretty awesome.

2. They say video is not their primary focus, but maybe it should be. It should already have Netflix, YouTube and Plex apps and maybe a few more. The less I have to switch between devices the more likely I am to use it.

Have kids you should. Rewarding it will be…

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Oh and my parents surprised me with a Nintendo Switch for my birthday. Yes I’m about to turn 41 and am excited about getting a Nintendo console for my birthday. 😝

Fortune may have smiled upon me. By the time we picked my son up from daycare he was back to normal and all night he was in a good mood and his usual happy self.

I don't know if I'm just a jerk in general or if I had bad karma in a previous life or what… but holy crap life is shitting on me like crazy right now.

Have tomorrow booked off and all to myself to get some stuff around the house done… and now my son probably has an ear infection which means the twins won't be going to daycare, which means I'll be the one taking care of them all day instead of getting stuff done.

This whole work thing as me feeling like I’m bipolar (which I’m not). One minute I feel like I can do anything and will find a new job and rock it. The next minute I feel like everything is black and I just want to crawl into a dark place and hide.

This really isn’t like me but I just can’t help it right now.

When I started working IT in this company I actually knew very little about Windows (I used Linux and OpenBSD more at home) I was just good at troubleshooting it. I owe my troubleshooting skills to reading through Linux logs to solve problems.

I was however, pleasantly surprised at how much Windows had advanced by Windows 7. I was able to fix nearly all end-user issues without talking to them or them even knowing. Which was good for someone like me.

I JUST washed my car on my lunch break… so naturally it started raining less than 30 minutes later…

This morning I fed a CAT6 through walls and ceilings in my house by using the very proper and technical technique of taping broomsticks together and on occasion a wire coat-hanger thrown in. Am I going to electrician hell now for doing this?

Wife and I had our first date night since the twins were born on Friday. It was nice to have dinner and a movie for once. A good way to spend our 5th Anniversary (May the 4th was with us).

Also, if you enjoy comedies or enjoyed the first Super Troopers, Super Troopers 2 was really well done.

Today I found out the company my job is being outsourced to is in fact, outsourcing most of the Canadian jobs to yet another company. The reviews of which from employees are mostly quite bleak. So perhaps I dodged a bullet?

All these years using Linux and OpenBSD and yesterday was the first time I actually used cu and Minicom.

Granted using them to configure a switch is considerably more simple than trying to dial out with a modem (which would have been my likely need when I started using Linux).

On a related note, I noticed PuTTY is broken on my laptop running Ubuntu yesterday... 😛