Have the day off so I’m going to try out Ubuntu Server 20.04 on this shiny new 8GB RPi4.

The problem with eating lunch at my desk is people don't respect my lunch hour. But, it's my time to learn and enhance skills. I can understand when I take my lunch outside of the usual lunch hour but coming up to me between 12-1 just feels rude.

New one for me. I just got tasked with, and fixed a robotic pipeline and sewer inspection camera system.

Okay, so in reality it was just a software issue with the capture software not using the right "device" in Windows. But it sounds so much cooler when I say it the first way.

I am now officially IT Systems Administrator instead of IT Systems Analyst with a 2% pay bump. Go me. Now I can buy an extra hamburger every 2 weeks.

I really love doing networking. But make one logic mistake in your architecture and it sure is unforgiving.

Just learning about unveil on OpenBSD. This is really, really cool. And explains so much! 😂​

Cockpit on Fedora Server is kinda neat; however, the amount of services installed and even running out of the box makes me a little sick.

I was really enjoying reading the Berenstain Bears books with my kids and thought there's some really good messages in some of them. But then I discovered they have a whole line of religious books and now I don't know what to do.

I've been fighting with our SonicWalls again with routing. I'm so frustrated that I took a break and started writing documentation!

It amazes me how many people (mainly seniors) would rather would rather risk their health and come into town hall to pay instead of paying another way like the drop box or phone or online banking.

I REALLY love port-security. Today I found 2 small unmanaged switches that I didn’t know about thanks to it!

My network and rack migration went pretty smoothly today. Only outstanding item is migrating the DC to the new server subnet. Should be able to tackle that during an evening next weekend. Oh and one of my iDRACs isn’t responding. I probably set the wrong new IP. It’s only the backup Hyper-V host so I can fix that during work hours next week.

Why is it that both the latest Ubuntu and Fedora Core versions look so Windows 10-ish on boot and updates?

Mainly ready for my big project tomorrow.

- Pre-launch checklist nearly complete.
- launch and post-launch checklists printed and ready to go.

Turns out I was actually able to complete a lot of tasks this week so tomorrow will be much less daunting than I first thought. All I have left to pull out of the old, 14U rack is the UPS and the current switch.

So tomorrow I just have to:
- set the new static IPs on MFPs
- set the new static IPs on my servers before shutting them down (7 VMs, 2 hosts, 2 management interfaces).
- install the new switches into the new rack
- install the UPS into the new rack
- cable management (this will probably take most of my time)
- ???
- Power everything back up
- Giggle like a mad scientist
- Profit!

It's always when you're in a hurry that the very good AV decides to AV. 😂​

I won more battles than I lost today. That makes it a pretty good day!

Rack monitor moved to new rack! All that’s left is to move 1 server, 1 PDU, and 1 UPS from the old to new rack. Then mount 3 new switches into the new rack.

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