On a related note. IIS7 has the absolutely most irritating bug in it where it will not let me bind a SSL Certificate from GoDaddy. I'm starting to get quite annoyed.

As of yesterday at 4:30 pm I am officially off my employment probation! I guess I'm doing okay here.

Oh joy. The landfill office got broken into and the laptop and cell phones were stolen. Time to call the CSO and get him to deal with this… oh… right… I guess that's me.

Troubleshooting our Terminal Server this week has been one of the most frustrating things I've ever had to deal with. Hopefully this weekend when it's not being used I can finally fix it.

My next 2 steps:
1. Reset the TCPIP Stack (go Windows)
2. Delete the RD License Certificate and reboot the OS.

So strange, the first couple of connection attempts fail and then will randomly connect fine. Nothing noticeable in any event logs that I can find. Damn you Windows, give me logs!

In Canada, everyone always gives Tim Horton’s gift cards to people as gifts. I do not care for their coffee at all. So now I have more money in Tim Horton’s cards than I do in my bank account at just about any particular time.

(It also doesn’t help that we lived off Tim Horton’s for 10 days in the hospital after the twins were born. Why is there even one in a HOSPITAL?!)

She's not particularly happy sharing her bed with a rainbow-haired unicorn…

So far this week is only Mondays. Here's hoping I get a Tuesday or a Wednesday tomorrow!

As far as Mondays go, today was possibly the Mondayest of them all!

Why do all the varieties of cannabis in Canada sound like characters off of My Lil Pony? Moonbeam, Dark Star, Sunset…

I like to have GCC compiling on my desktop while I'm at my desk because no one here understands what is going on but it looks important so no one questions what I'm actually doing.

Living dangerously. Setting up a new domain in Office 365 at the same time Azure is having world-wide DNS issues. 😎​

Usually in the tech world people know just enough to be (accidentally) dangerous. Every once in a while you can know just enough for everyone you work with to think you're really awesome. Today I have almost been the former a couple of times but ended on the latter while editing a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Even the sun shines on a dogs ass some days. 😎​

Had a power outage to go with our blizzard last night. Remember folks don’t forget to “copy running-config startup-config” on your switches. Ugh.

Oh Canada. While the East is flooding, we are currently having a thunderstorm while there’s a Blizzard warning in effect for tonight/tomorrow. -13C overnight tomorrow night. Go home Mother Nature. Your drunk.

Just discovered the "Bass House" genre on Beatport. It's like Dubstep baselines with the steady beat of House music. I kinda really like the deep pounding bass, but it also kinda gives me anxiety. HAH. :flan_headphones:

Apparently I'm cranky today. I don't think I'm cranky in general, just sick of all the sales and other calls I've got this week.

Biggest frustration about being "The IT Person" is the amount of calls I get from random companies. I think my predecessor gave out his contact info to way too many companies.

I just got a call from someone asking questions about "printer security" for their whitepaper.

My not-so-nice-answer about security was that I don't give out information to random people/companies I don't know, before hanging up.

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