Why do I have the urge to listen to Tool all of a sudden? 🤔​

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Got sidetracked while learning Pascal and recursive functions by the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Spiral. Currently drawing it in AutoCAD. Though I’m a little unsure of where my start point should be.

Programming, lame meme 

Me (who is not a programmer) trying to fully wrap my brain around recursive functions in Pascal tonight.

Had a very chill birthday working from home again today. Took tomorrow off so now I get a 4 day long weekend. 45 today. Blah. :rip:

Ahhh. Spring on the Canadian Prairies. This flowering crab will bloom for maybe 3 days in a year.

Oh hi new Gajim. I appreciate the hard work but I think I’ll return to the previous version.

While I've made a few personal BBS mods this is the first I've made that is… somewhat ready for general consumption. On fsxNet someone asked if there was an On This Day type mod for Mystic BBS.

I figured this would be a good way to further improve my Python skills (I wish I was better with Pascal and MPL but right now I can be more efficient in learning with Python).

Here's the git repo, please feel free to browse and pull apart my coding as I'm still novice and trying to get better.


Two six year olds. Two iPads. Both playing the same video but just a fraction of a second off from each other. So there’s an echo. They think this is hilarious. Send help.

The kids stayed overnight at their grandparents last night. Only the second night in the 6 years since they’ve been born that we’ve been apart. It was glorious TBH. I miss them but it was nice to just do what we wanted for a night.

After owning it since release, I’m FINALLY getting around to reading the Cult of the Dead Cow book. Just a couple chapters in but I’m loving it already.

So far (as far as I can tell), the best Windows 11 feature is that it's caused Microsoft to slow down Feature updates for Windows 10 from twice a year to once a year?

Alright, canerduh.ca pleroma instance is now offline.

Synapse installed but I think I'm going to have to take my take to get this working correctly.

I'm looking for a way to take a text file (or specifically ascii, *.asc) and map the row and column of each character. Maybe into a CSV, so I can ultimately import it to a SQLite DB.

So far I can't find anything that will do just that. Perhaps this is something I'm just going to have to learn how to do on my own. And perhaps this would strengthen my programming skills.

Of course it would just be easier if someone else did this. 😆​

1 Microsoft 365 Account
1.25 hours
~200 unique IP addresses
532 Interactive Sign-in attempts

Part of the reason why we MFA

Debating retiring my Pleroma instance (canerduh.ca). I like the app but I don't have time to properly maintain it. And then I can use port 443 for other projects.

Not to self: When cloning the git repo housing your Calibre library… TURN. COMPRESSION. OFF.

Often, before handing him his milkshake I’ll take a sip and tell A I’m “testing it to make sure it’s safe to eat”. Tonight he caught on and asked me, “What would it taste like if it wasn’t safe?”

Well played A. Well played.

My evidence is purely anecdotal but I'm pretty sure Seagate Desktop HDDs are some of the worst ever made.

My alerts inbox whenever Microsoft is having issues with SharePoint Online

(Because apparently it ties the file sharing operations for all their other services together.)

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