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Travis Owen

I used to hate deploying/OSD to Lenovo hardware but now I'm really starting to dig them. They have a great site with "Deployment Recipe Cards" that have everything you need. 😃

For my morning routine I have 15-20 of spare (computer) time between getting ready for work and getting the twins up and ready for daycare.

This morning I used that time to set up 7-Zip (x86 & x64) as an Application in SCCM and deploy it to my BBS VMs.

Yeah. I’m really that boring.

I jest while I’m not a huge fan of either they are all monumentally better musicians than I could even hope to be. 😁

Is it just me or is every Imagine Dragons song just a remix of U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name?

My night as a parent of twin toddlers? After they went to bed I spent my 2 hours of adult time reading about The Wiggles on Wikipedia and playing with figlet to make some menus for my BBS… I have become so boring but I don’t have the energy to change that yet.

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I have been working so hard at learning C# that almost every time I type something I end it with a “;” and have to backspace before sending…

I don’t have a solution to this exactly but: if you want me to rate your note taking app the worst time to ask me is right when I open the app in order to… you know… take notes before I forget what I want to jot down.

I wholeheartedly believe in free speech but GAB really makes me question that. So much hate.

Also, I don't believe that we have a right to free speech in someone else's house (or their computers/servers).

But I believe if we all try to be respectful to one another, give each other the benefit of the doubt from time to time and maybe even have a bit of a sense of humor and positivity, we can make the world (online and offline) and more tolerable place for all.

Hmm. For some reason is looking a little sad for me today via web…

One nice thing about Mastodon is that I’m not connected with anyone I know personally yet. So if I need to vent I can just throw it behind a CW and get it out. Probably no one will ever read it and that’s perfectly okay.

Hmm for some reason Amaroq is having problems displaying older Toots in my timeline.

Aaaaaand the BBS now has Usurper. Props to whoever was cool enough to OpenSource that game. I really wish someone would do the same with L.O.R.D. already. Such a good game and it deserves to live on.

Adjusting to life with twin babies and now toddlers hasn't been easy on her but she's done pretty good for an old cat.

This is considerably more complex than my PowerShell version, using lots of custom Methods and Classes and is really pushing me to power through my longstanding status as a beginner programmer to a programmer that actually works through the problems. If I can do this, I may even be able to consider myself a step above beginner… novice maybe? HAH.

Since finding out my company is going to globally outsource the IT department it's been difficult to motivate myself. I'm finding doing a little C# programming (I'm just learning) in between other tasks is helping me though. This is my attempt at porting my PowerShell Application launcher to C#. Very early stages…

I am also playing around with VADV32, PCBoard and MysticBBS behind the scenes. So if I start to make more progress with those, there could be a switch.

I think the next step for my BBS is to build my own Command Shell. I think that is what i need to do to make it act how I want to.

Over time, my BBS is starting to look a little better. Still not sure how much I love Syncronet but for now it will do!