COVID, mostly positive 

Wife and kids COVID tests all came back negative which is what we expected but still a relief! I still don’t have symptoms but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Booked off tomorrow. Only with the intent of migrating my BBS and USB storage (LVM) to a new Raspberry Pi, and upgrading OPNsense.

What will the rest of the day be? Maybe games? Maybe trying Recalbox?

After resetting networking on my iPhone, I ran into LetsEncrypt cert issues on my phone again (with my mail server). For some reason iOS keeps trying to use an old cached version of the certificate.

Finally found the solution. And all it was, was to configure Dovecot and OpenSMTPd to use the .fullchain.pem instead of the .crt for that domain.

Everything is happy again.

Rocking My Face Off 

Since it's my Friday today, I'm having a Rock My Face Off Friday.

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Live at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow).

One of the greatest live performances I've ever seen.

Old, Gory Movie 

I just remembered the movie Dead Alive (I think that may have just been the North American title) also known as Braindead. Possibly the goriest movie ever made. TIL it was directed by Peter Jackson. Yes. THAT Peter Jackson.

Now I really hope I can stream it for find a working download for it because I MUST watch it again.

New USB USB 3.0 to SATA adapter ordered. Found an article where my particular enclosure was listed as not working. Go figure. Linux being particular about hardware. No one could have seen that coming. ;)

Turns out its the enclosure. Maybe I need to consider a powered USB 3.0 enclosure. I did try the other on a USB 3.0 hub but it's not the greatest hub so I wouldn't be surprised if that was also causing issues.

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Hmmm. The RPi doesn't like either my enclosure or the SSD. Or both. Going to try another dock I have kicking around and see if that works.

New RPi4 8GB arrived this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll bring an SSD with me and set this one up for USB booting and ultimately it will replace the existing one acting as a server (including the BBS).

The outgoing RPi4… well maybe it's destined to run RetroPi :)

QAnon / Conspiracies 

So apparently there's crowds gathering around the grassy knoll in Dallas because they believe JFK Jr will reveal he's NOT deceased and making an announcement about running for president with Trump?

Real life is truly stranger than fiction sometimes.

Another Halloween is more or less complete. Kids were happy with their haul and we haven’t had anymore for at least 45 minutes. Now what to do with 40 bags of chocolate and candy…

Was trying to find my Windows 10 Product Key. Where in my org-mode notes did I save it? Perhaps under the Windows section? Of course not!

I saved it under the OpenBSD section. Why, because that's the last thing I saved before I deleted Windows and installed OpenBSD…

With mixed emotions I’m installing Windows 10 on my T580. And I’ll install Manjaro onto one of my T540p laptops. I’m just using Windows more right now so it may as well go on my best laptop for the time being.

Slowly getting further with my MPL Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.) clone. Every step is a learning experience still. #BBS

There is no denying they save lives.

But they are also an underrated enemy of the person in a hurry to leave. Lock up every. Time.

Tried setting up an account for a new town councillor this afternoon and of course Exchange Online is bouncing external emails which means I can't setup their AppleID which means I can't deploy the MDM software/profile. Thanks so much Microsoft.

I think the biggest "flaw" I've found in Pascal (or at least the MPL version of it) is that functions can only be loaded from the top down.

With Free Pascal / Delphi / Lazarus Units you can declare functions in the "interface" section and then define them (I think I used declare and define correctly here) in the "implementation" section.

This vexed me for a bit while trying to write a menu for my application. Until I learned about Repeat / Until loops which makes all of this much easier.

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