A little upgrade in my home lab while I'm waiting for other things to finish here at work this afternoon.


Why you gotta be like this to me Carbon Black? 😭

This is trying to run Windows Sandbox on my new ThinkPad. So sad.

vaccine misinformation 

I started the day listening to Mudvayne and ended with Snarky Puppy? Clearly the only reasonable explanation is the vaccine.


Welp. They Pfizered me. I was hoping I'd be 5G now but apparently I'm only LTE until my second shot.

Dinner tonight:

B: When I grow up I’m going to be a baker… AND a ninja.

A: I’m going to be a superhero and my power will be to shoot corn on the cob. And muffins.

Love these kids!

Strange, on both ThinkPad T540ps that I've tried FreeBSD on. Neither will boot with HyperThreading DISABLED in the BIOS…

COVID Vaccination 

Huzzah! Booked for my vaccination (Pfizer) on Wednesday!!

This is kind of neat. Federated comments system based on the Matrix protocol: cactus.chat/

stress, medical gore 

When it rains it pours. My mother had cornea transplant surgery today (after FOUR previous cancellations) and then this afternoon my wife took the mother-in-law to the ER with what we thought was a gallbladder attack. Turns out it was a hernia pinching and killing part of her bowel so she has to have surgery right away. This leaves my disabled (in a wheelchair, paralyzed on the left side from a stroke) father-in-law with no one trained to take care of him.

And as everyone suggested, Replication health is back to normal now!

Server Porn 


Backup server done. Will hopefully install the new RAM in the primary/production server this weekend.

A Hyper-V question if anyone out there knows: I'm taking down my replica server temporarily to install more memory, Should I be pausing replication on all my VMs while the server is down? Or can I just leave it as is?

FINALLY. All I've ever wanted (for no good reason) for my RPi4 8GB was a 64-bit OS AND to be able to emulate NES with my USB controller. Finally with Manjaro 64-bit and Mednafen/Mednaffe I've got that.

More Easter blasphemy 

What better way to celebrate death than with eggs?!

Not the new furnace and A/C I was hoping for this year but the wind decided this was the priority.

We bought a couple of Meeting Owl Pros at work for the smaller meeting rooms using part of our government grant.

They got used for the first time today. In both meetings the remote presenters said it was the best virtual meeting they’ve ever done. So I guess those were a worthwhile purchase ($1500CAD each).

Retired an old server today and this was the soundtrack as I powered it off for the last time:

Fear Factory - Final Exit.

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