It's so cold in this part of Canada right now that my hoodie is actually my second of 3 layers I wear when going outside to shovel the snow. ❄️

Well, would you look at that… I just figured out how to get our devices to send emails to internal and external users without having to use up Office 365 licenses and without requiring any sort of on-premise email server.

Now I just have to make firewall rules for the right devices to be able to hit Exchange Online servers on port 25.

I feel a little bit like a lawnmower. I don't actually cut every blade of grass in one spin. Instead while I feel like I'm constantly spinning, I'm at least cutting away at things with each pass. Sub-tasks are always being checked off my ToDo list but not many of the root tasks are being checked off yet.

Today's Fun: Discovering just about everyone working for the town is using a Sharepoint Calendar running off our old SBS Server 2008…

So at best it's running off Sharepoint 2007 which will be going away anyway when I migrate us to something newer, later this year.

I've already migrated the calendar data to a Calendar on Sharepoint Online. Now begins the process of actually getting people to USE the new Calendar and move away from the old one.

I don’t like the idea of robots taking jobs from real people but I have to believe that robots would actually put together my kids’ Happy Meals together correctly so I don’t have to get out of my car, and wait in line a second time to get all the things they missed.

Proven fact. In my small city of 70,000 people there are only 2 possible destinations:

1. Tim Hortons
2. Wherever I happen to be going at any particular time.

Ahhh Sunday. Grocery day. It means in exchange for $100+ I get an hour and a bit to “myself” while I go out and buy our weekly food supplies. And maybe spend 10 minutes in while I let the van warm up.

-26C isn’t fun but the peace I get for an hour is.

I think Sailing The Seas of Cheese may be my favourite Primus album…

Just kidding. As if I could pick a favourite Primus album. Maybe I could narrow it down to 5… or maybe even 4. But *1* album?! That's impossible!

My hands are so dry right now that my thumb currently doesn't work to unlock my phone. Fortunately my index finger isn't as bad!

I guess it's time for a new Avatar…

Is my beard grey enough to be called a senior sysadmin yet?

When I was young and it was cold and there was snow like this I would spend hours outside by myself pretending I was on Hoth. Now that I’m old: Nope, nope, no way, NOPE!

My lovely corner of Canada today. How’s your day going? 🥶

Of my 3 year old twins, A is certainly the optimist. His favourite word right now is maybe.

No matter what you are trying to do he will say, “Maybe!”

Maybe it will work, maybe it will fit, maybe I will like it, maybe they will be home. Anything is still possible with him. I wish I had that optimism!

Potty training the twins, who are just 3. Things are going really well but last night we had the Poopocalypse.

Both twins spiked their big kids undies at the same time. I was dealing with A and my wife took care of B. By the time I finished cleaning up A and got to my wife it was all over the floor as was the contents of my wife’s stomach.

Hearing my wife heaving combined with the smells made me start heaving.

Bath time was delayed by about 10-15 minutes. 🤢😂

Very first pic taken with my new Alpha 7 ii. It’s lane I know but c’mon, it’s winter in Canada! The depth of field is really nice for being the kit lens!

At first I was freaked out by the thought of apps on my brand new DSLR but seeing what some of these apps are, is changing my mind a little I think.

Got my Sony Alpha 7 ii today! Can’t wait until the kids go to bed so I can try it out.

I don't know which I hate more: PDFs or the browser-based viewers that mangle them when they print.

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