I'm not much for holiday music, but this is one of my favorites courtesy of Dropkick Murphys:


it's too early, that was supposed to be "vim -g .emacs". Stupid rented fingers.

So I think it’s time to replace my beloved iPod Classic 120GB. Seems like the internals are starting to fail. Any recommendations from the Fediverse for a replacement? If I have to I’ll buy a replacement off eBay but I’d like to try some different, more open hardware if it’s still out there.

@TheGibson @jerry It is not the first time that I think these two companies are extra smart :)

Or maybe I want to go a little higher and get the 80D. Hmmm.

Thinking about getting a new DSLR, currently debating between the Canon EOS M5 and the EOS M50.

Discovered vlmcsd yesterday and I think it may have saved my lab. :)

One of the most irritating parts of my new jobs is dealing with all these companies that my predecessor gave his info to that want to give me pitches about the great services they offer. Thanks but no thanks. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Thinking about writing reviews for the various types of herb my wife and I try since legalization but this may not be the best account for that. Maybe my qoto account will be a better place for that.

In the next few weeks I have to do an Exchange 2007 to Exchange Online migration. A little nervous but should be okay.

I feel a little bad. I'm nearly bringing accountants to tears over the last week. The software licensing situation for this township was not great. Also they didn't seem to understand what "subscription" means. And working all that within a small town's budget is not easy.

Thanks to my work today, thousands of the town's residents received their Utility bills via email. YOU'RE WELCOME.

It's been quite a first week. Half a day left in an already short week and I am exhausted.

So much to do and I need to remind myself it's not all going to get done in 1 or 2 weeks.

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