Well the plumber didn’t make it today but my RPi4 did! Now to decide what I’m going to use it for.

My Geforce 560 on my desktop (that I was using for F@H) stared crapping the bed on me last week.

So I'm holding a new Geforce GTK 1660 SUPER in my hands right now. While I'm working from home tomorrow I should be able to install it and then I can hopefully get my desktop back to Folding for hackers.town again!

Today I moved up from "IT Systems Analyst" to "IT Services Director".

Nothing changes and I don't get paid more but it sounds fancy, and I like it!

Partner and I finished Picard last night. What a truly fantastic ending! IMDB suggests a Season 2 but I’m okay if that was the end of the series.

Tonight’s weekend cannabis extravaganza is a combination of Houseplant 24.3% THC, Subway Scientist 23.6% THC, and Whiteout 21.3% THC. Decent combination actually!

Wish my RPi4 wasn’t being delivered by FedEx, they have the worst delivery options of all the couriers. Additionally account creation in their iOS app is totally broken for Canada which is also annoying.


It's a good thing I don't answer the town social media account because my responses to this person would not be kind. Would they rather have NO WATER?

This is a couple of the reasons why HP is the worst and world governments and/or businesses REALLY should take them to task for behavior like this. In my not so humble opinion this makes ALL OF US more insecure.

Drove out to the new scale house at the landfill to install a smart hub. Went to leave: flat tire. Because spending $700 on new tires is EXACTLY what I need right now…

It didn’t take long at the office today for me to miss working from home. Far more people at town hall than should be. On the upside people mostly stayed away from me and my desk.

Work gear packed into my car again and ready to go back into Town Hall tomorrow. It will be mostly empty but I’d like to be there to offer better support for remote users.

Looking forward to more peace and quiet eventually so I can get my new switches configured and get the ball rolling on a new firewall to handle our increased traffic from remote users.

Debating purchasing Animal Crossing for the Switch. I have done solid RPGs for it yet I find that I’d rather play original Final Fantasy on an emulator over anything I have on the Switch.

Introduced “A” to SuperTux2. He doesn’t really get it yet but at least you get unlimited lives to begin with. And it’s keeping him entertained for now.

In a world of social distancing “Where’s Waldo?” is kinda pointless.

@sungo the only thing is I have no idea if my installation is secure or not....

I can send you my compose file if you want to check it out

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