Disclaimer: I am not a programmer. 

When you essentially tell someone to turn it off and then on again, start trying to replicate their issue, and before you can finish they tell you that your lazy fix worked.


Ran out of storage on our fileserver again today. Turns out because this is SBS2008 I managed to free up 120GB by just cleaning up old Sharepoint, Exchange and WSUS databases.

Should only take engineering a week or so to fill it all up again…

When it comes to my smartphone I’m really thinking its time to move on from Apple’s walled garden; however, the amount of money I have invested in it through apps and especially Music makes it difficult to leave. I probably have at least $1000-2000 locked in this garden. For years all my family gives me for gifts is iTunes cards because I don’t need anything else. But it would be nice to have better choices for apps when it comes to things like networking.

So many people here doing so many cool things. The highlight of my day? Twin 2/2 has finally completed potty training…

FWIW, the answer is that I can fix the broken Windows 10 VM quicker because that's just how I roll.

Today's game:

Can I build a new Windows 10 VM before I fix the one I broke last week?

It took 3.5 years before the cat would come out when the kids were awake but now she joins us almost every night for story time before bed!

Keiko enjoying nap time away from her twin toddler “siblings”.

People here wanted me to set up a server for Call of Duty or some sort of similar game (for team building of course). Why would I want to play that when I can play Rogue (during my breaks, of course)?!

The management company for thsi town uses a ConnectWise product to push out Windows Updates.

I'm finding it rather lacking. (I don't have access to the management side of it to see if I can improve things or not.) Maybe I'm just spoiled by having SCCM in the past.

I need to do something to improve things but I'm not sure what yet. SCCM would of course be my go to if it was an option. And it may be once a decision on asset management is made, which may allow me to utilize some of their grant money to increase my Server/Server OS budget. If I can swing a software assurance deal, I'll be laughing!

Co-worker returning from summer vacation on Monday. Replaced their Word shortcuts with WordPerfect 5.1 (via DOSBox). HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD TIME AT THE LAKE KAREN.

Even though this is a small town government office and I don't have a lot of useful resources…

I have PowerShell.

And I'm always amazed at how many things I can automate with PowerShell even in this environment.

And like any good SysAdmin, I will proudly spend 3 days writing scripts to automate a days worth of work. Really though, the time and research always pays dividends later on when I need to do something similar.

Lansweeper 7.2 will have SCCM integration… (And that is the reason your humble narrator wet himself a little at work today.)

Really like @telephant as a Fedi-client. Reminds me how much I miss the days when birdsite had a third-party-friendly ecosystem.

It’s nearly bath time for the twins. And that means that much closer to bed time for all of us. Hopefully with a good sleep I can shake off this virus and be ready for work tomorrow.

Less than a week after being back at the day home the kids were sick and now my wife and I are REALLY sick.

Surprising how my physical health can affect my mental health. Trying to stay positive and hopefully lots of rest tonight will help.

I already own all the albums but I'm listening to them on Apple Music just because I can.

And as soon as I can go pick up another iTunes card I'll be buying them all again. Tool has got me through rough times and I can't do enough to return the favor.

My new lens is here! Except I need to pay customs fees on it so I need to go pick it up from the Post Office myself.

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