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Made a typo in my GCC 8.3.0 build on my RPi. So I took @yrabbit advice and set up a NFS share to use for operations with lots of disk writing. So this round of compiling should be done tonight sometime…

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Replaced the MicroSD card in my RPi3 with a 128GB card. The old one (64GB) died after 3 years. So of course I decided to see how fast I can kill the new card by compiling GCC 8.3.0 on it. And later I’ll do CLANG and LLVM 8.0.0.

I should probably put a mechanical USB drive on it for these things but… meh. This will do. Really all I use the Pi for is remote access and IRC. Thinking about making it my Ubiquiti AP controller but not sure. Maybe I’ll just buy a new one for that purpose.

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If folks want to play with #OpenBSD autoinstall or autoupgrade, there are two things that make it much easier now:

1) upobsd by @semarie
2) Every time you do an install or upgrade, root gets an email with an equivalent answers file.

One tip: Generally, you want to eliminate the "Server directory" line. It's unnecessary in most cases and is more likely to cause problems than help.

Provincial election in April, federal election in the fall. Thank @Gargron and @thegibson for providing me with some sanctuary because other social media platforms are about to become intolerable.

It often amuses me to see what other regions classify as "mountains". In western Canada, mountains are the Rocky Mountains.

What most other places call mountains would be "hills" to us.

This is the "Cypress Hills" provincial park. What's cool about it, is that its basically an island in the middle of a huge desert. As I understand it, it was one of the few places above ground during the ice age.

This may take a while… and likely won’t solve anything. But meh, why not?

Spinrite says it’s dangerous to run a scan on this as partition in its current state: NO GUTS NO GLORY!!! 🤘😈

So sad, my RPi3 SD card kicked the bucket after about 3 years. I don’t back it up but I don’t keep anything important on it either :)

Okay, I can sleep tonight.

At work I found a binder labelled "Agreements Binder".

I added a label to it that reads: "I concur that's what this is".

My last 30 days with LastPass. I find it more convenient than 1Password but I'm still so angry at them for dropping XMarks.

One of my favorite bands, Blue Rodeo (If you live outside of Canada you've probably never heard of them and that's okay) is playing a show here in June. Really hoping I can see them.

They're one of those bands that isn't at all the type of music I normally listen to but for some reason I enjoy them so much.

Also, The Tragically Hip are another Canadian band that gets almost no respect outside of Canada; however, they may almost get too much respect inside Canada. They were a really solid band.

I wish I could harness whatever energy it is that sucks all the power and audio cables in my car into the cup holders so that every time I want to place something in the cup holders I have to fight with at least one cable before I can put something in that cup holder.

TFW: I see a Windows XP PC for sale locally and think to myself, "Nah, too new."

Most amazing hoar frost this morning. I wish I had more time to photograph it but here’s a quick snap I got when I was out buying groceries for the family.

I pre-purchased Final Fantasy VII for the Switch on the weekend (even though I legally own it on like 4 other platforms including having the original discs for PC). So on March 26 when it releases, goodbye real life. Except for March 27 which is my wife’s birthday. But after that: goodbye real life. Again.

Ahh, the curse of the custom-built PC in a business environment.

User complaining about fan noise driving them crazy. *OF COURSE* it's the CPU fan which is designed to just be clipped into the heatsink. So it's just plastic on metal.

And of course the fan has the slightest bit of wobble in it from time to time making the noise that's driving the user crazy. So now I have to figure out exactly what I'm going to need for a replacement heatsink.

One of those times I'm really glad we purchased Lansweeper so at least I can grab all the specs rather easily.

For now I did a *cough*very professional*cough* fix of placing some cut up and folded pieces of microfibre cloth under the 4 corners of the fan to keep it from rattling against the heatsink.

Uploading this because it made me cringe and giggle at the same time. This is me about 20 years ago playing drums for a religious church camp. I guess at the time I was still religious… or at least losing my religion.

Yikes. Glad I have hair again. I really don't miss shaving my noodle with a bic razor. Everything was great until you cut yourself. OUCH.

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