Time to go vote. I'm so sick of election talk and politics. Given my riding, I already know who will be elected but at least I can perhaps help influence the popular vote statistics even though they aren't really worth anything in the end.

Will be so happy when budget season is over. So close, and I'm optimistic my "wishlist" will be approved.

The constant deluge of media articles supportive of 5G network technology has been making me nervous for the past year (as if national and world politics wasn't bad enough) due to the fact that certain large companies stand to make trillions of $currency by rolling out potentially dangerous technology for human health.

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

The technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say , there could be health risks


First coffee of the day = best coffee. But… for some reason now I want donuts 🍩. Mmmm… donuts… 🤤

TFW you don't know if you should bother trying to explain to the director of planning and engineering (who thinks he's a computer expert) that a "NAS" drive is not the same as an enterprise grade server drive.

I’m a sucker for anything with ginger in it and this is one of my favourites.

So an out-of-province driver decided to try and hide his giant pick-up truck off the street because he has a suspended license.

He decided to hide it behind town hall. In a private parking spot. What could possibly go wrong? 😂​

I made progress on my OpenBSD issue last night, and it wasn't what I thought. I was able to get all the updated firmware installed but still my connection was very flaky.

It turns out that for some reason OpenBSD doesn't like my Ubiquiti AP setup. I'm guessing because I'm running both 5GHz and 2.4GHz on the same SSID?

I think I'll add a '_5GHz' SSID and move the devices that can use it over to that. The devices using the 2.4GHz tend to be devices that are a pain to reconnect.

Hit a nasty side of my OoenBSD upgrade on my ThinkPad tonight. Iwm did not work properly on first boot so fw_update did not finish. When rebooting iwm0 will connect but only for a short time. Usually stops working before I can download anything.

I really don’t feel like hauling it downstairs to a wired connection right now.

Years later, still one of my favourite movies.

“The Emperor... wants to conquer outer space. Yoda... wants to explore inner space, and that is the fundamental difference between the good and the bad side of the force.”


So, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to India and his family dressed in traditional clothing he was roasted by media (and citizens) around the planet.

The British royals go to Pakistan and wear traditional clothing and no one says anything? Double standard? (I'm not even a fan of Trudeau or any politician for that matter.)

@devrandom How to upgrade from RHEL6 to RHEL7 in 4 easy steps.
1) Back up all your data
2) dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=1024
3) 'New Installation'
4) Restore data from backups
5) Fuck SELinux is on so now it's all fucked
6) Turn SELinux off repeat step 4
7) Wait all the configs are fucked now what is this even
8) Now none of my applications work what the shit
9) Install Windows instead

I should also mention that this was far and away the easiest OpenBSD upgrade ever.

I mean, it was already easier and more reliable than ANY Linux distro I've worked with over the years but thanks to sysupgrade it takes easy upgrades to a whole new level.

Bracketed Paste Mode. Gets me Every. Damn. Time.

I was having trouble being patient enough to wait for OpenBSD 6.6 so I could use sysupgrade so I installed a snapshot onto my ancient (mid-2007) MacBook Pro last week. Today I had my first experience running sysupgrade and it was wonderful.

OpenBSD always seemed relatively simple and painless to upgrade but now it's REALLY easy. There are really very few excuses for not upgrading anymore.

I've spent my day so far diving into SQL. My head hurts and with every JOIN I lose a part of my will to live…

I love 419s…

“According to my Dr.justified a ball moves currently in my brain cage,”

Brain cage…

Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. After 2 turkey dinners in 2 days it’s nice to spend a day relaxing with the kids. And there will be no turkey consumed here today!

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