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Not Travis Owen… >.>

At least one of my references got a call from the town government IT job I interviewed for. So hopefully that means I'm still in the running.

Cannabis became legal across Canada at midnight. As tempting as it may be. I’ll be abstaining for now since I’d still like to visit the US on occasion. I’m sure the twins will want to see Disneyland some day and being banned would be a real bummer.

Why do people ask me if they can try something? If you’re talented enough to get a job as a SysAdmin you’re smart enough to know how to experiment with injecting drivers into a Windows image and test then without doing harm to anything.

Second interview complete.

This was a little less of an interview and more just touching base about where I am with my current employment. I was happy to discover I have this fallback should other opportunities I'm currently pursuing not pan out.

Love Leonard Cohen and own a bunch of his albums. Apparently I need to also own his poetry. Outstanding.

Interview done. I think it went well. The possibility of working in such an environment really excites me.

I'm not who you think I am… maybe…

I want to print out some BBS documentation because I feel like I retain that sort of technical info better when I read it on paper; however, printing it out on a modern printer doesn't seem right.

Need to find an old dot matrix printer that will take hours to print out a single BBS manual. Then have a parental figure come yell at me for using up all the paper and ink.

While I'm at it, I need a copy of Print Shop so I can print a banner that says Cthulhu Rules with each letter inside a balloon.

While I will be as flexible as necessary, I'm really hoping I can swing 1-2 weeks off between jobs.

The current work environment is a little rough (the people in my local office are fine but I don't really work with them). It would be nice to recharge mentally for a few weeks.

That and I REALLY want to get our basement in order so the twins can play down there. They need the room. And if we don't give it to them soon they're going to tear the house apart. Twin toddlers are so destructive.

Experienced one of those times where I was right but I really wish that I wasn't.

Even worse when it's someone's feelings and emotions on the line.

I have this defect in my personality where when I'm working hard on a project and someone emails me asking for a status update just as I'm finishing and getting ready to send a status update, I just want to rage and completely ignore them and send NOTHING until the end of the day.

I don't do that of course, but I want to.

I know that Adobe Flash sucks but does Adobe really have to make it so painful for enterprise deployments?

For once I'd actually like to be able to finish testing of one version of flash before Adobe releases a new version making me start from scratch again.

And just like that I may have lined up a second interview this week with my city’s oldest and my favourite local computer shop.

Yay! Interview for a municipal government job on Thursday. Please send me your good vibes… or energy… or whatever positive forces you believe in. 😁

I actually quite enjoyed Google+. There was a great tech geek community there. And then Google started messing with the timeline and I lost the ability to view things in chronological order without jumping through a lot of hoops. That was the end for me.

This also killed FB for me and birdsite is on its last legs only because I can use 3rd party apps to achieve this.

Also, I'm thinking about moving on from Mystic and going to something more classic. VBBS / VADV is speaking to me right now.

Felt inspired this weekend and have been working on new graphics and menus for the BBS. Not even bothering with CP427 ANSI, just trying out some straight ASCII.


(Okay probably not compared to a lot of people, but to my standards I am 😁)

Being a sucker for punishment, I installed mIRC on one of my laptops for the first time in at least 18 years.

Additionally install Peace N Protection. I was surprised that’s still around.

Find myself constantly wishing it was Irssi oddly enough.