Hmmm. Our Exchange Online servers recently got new IPs. Firewall said "NO!"

Sigh. 2 more hours until vacation.

Part of today's Soundtrack. So good.

No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside

Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?

Back to work today after a week off for bereavement and then a long weekend. I was feeling quite rested until about 10 minutes after I sat at my desk. HAH.

Proxmox doesn't seem to care for the Dual SD Cards in my PowerEdge R620. They're only 2GB which is plenty for ESXi but inadequate for Proxmox it seems. I tried replacing them with matching 32GB SD cards but I think that might be too large for the controller as Proxmox wouldn't even finish booting with them in.

So instead I'll have to just install Proxmox onto the smallest SATA drive in that server and be done with it.

I really want to love and tell people about Darktrace, but so far the appliance setup has been less than ideal. Including a failed power supply on the appliance.

Noticed a small flaw in our security system with our power outage. Here's how it goes:

When the power went out, our front door was unlocked (because it was during business hours). The system was on a UPS and had enough power to run for about 2 hours until everyone left Town Hall.

Since there was no power I was unable to run the software with which to make changes to the security system to re-arm the locks early.

Good: When the UPS power drained and the fob system shut down, the doors locked automatically.

Bad: When the power was restored at 11pm at night, and the system came back up, it unlocked the door because that was the last state and since the lock time had come and gone the controller never triggered the the lock again.

Conclusion: I think by default the controller should lock all doors after powering up, waiting for the next unlock time to unlock the doors again. This would also prevent me from getting emails at 11pm telling me the front door to the building is unlocked. 😂​

The upside to a power outage is that I can rest assured the on-prem network isn’t being compromised.

F. I suppose someone could be running hashcat on something from the network. (As it stands I had been rubbing hashcat on a hash from a password protected office document for the last 2 weeks before the power went out.)

For whatever reason I just cannot get gitea to stay running in Debian Bullseye. This annoys me but less so now that I’ve got my Alpine VM migrated to Proxmox.

Huge storm rolled through. Tornado touched down in the area. Doesn’t seem to be any injuries just property damage. And no power at work. Servers have gracefully shut themselves down after they drained the UPSs. Waiting to be told I can go home.

Solved my issues migrating Alpine Linux and Fedora from VMware to Proxmox. It wasn't UUIDs changing as I suspected at first, it was that I needed to change the Proxmox VM from the default SCSI controller to VMware PVSCSI and then both booted happily.

As an added bonus, because alpine was using the simple eth0 as it's network adapter (I honestly don't remember if that was the default for the installer at the time or if I changed it) so I didn't even have to reconfigure the network afterwards.

It makes me smile to see Tomorrowland happening again.

Decided to have a little fun and make myself a launcher script with bash and dialog. Still needs some fine tuning and maybe some sub-menus eventually but it's working!

Fueling up during lunch. Listening to Clutch - Noble Savage at a slightly obnoxious volume. A kid that’s maybe 12 years old flashed the horns 🤘at me. The kids are going to be alright.

Somewhat related: just about any song named or specifically mentioning Rock N Roll is guaranteed to be awesome. For reference please see Motörhead and Velvet Underground.

Prosody moved over to a new VM. Debian has some different PostgreSQL settings that were a little tricky but I’m back in business now!

Next up: gitea

It seems that VMware export -> Proxmox does not work so well with Alpine Linux. I'm guessing because drive UUIDs changed in the migration.

I'm sure there's a way to fix this but I'm unsure of what that is off-hand. Perhaps booting a live distro of some sort and modifying the boot loader to point to the new UUID.

Ultimately it's probably easier to just move the services running on that VM to another. I already have Prosody migrated and will be live once I modify port forwards. I think the only other service I run on this system is gitea. Hopefully it's easy enough to migrate as well.

Not going to bother running XP under ESXi under Proxmox. It was easy enough to build a new VM right under Proxmox. XP is now ready to go for some BBS fun!

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