After refreshing the HP ProBook, I was able to properly connect with Wireguard for Windows. First off-domain and now on-domain.

I explicitly added the AD user accounts to the local admin group. Perhaps that was the issue. I'll have to try it later with another town laptop to be certain.

Starting to narrow down my issues with Wireguard for Windows. Have had issues on both a MSI laptop and HP ProBook.

Works great on an old ThinkPad I have. Aside from hardware, the only difference is being domain joined. We'll see tomorrow when I'm back in the office.

I may also be slightly over-caffeinated… :coffeepot:


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Back to work after the long weekend. Ready to kick some ass. 💪​

If there’s anything I did take away from last night it’s to continue my commitment to keeping up with software that deals with decentralization and secure communications. As well to learn and understand more about mesh networking. So if things did get as bad as my friend thinks they will, we can at least still communicate on a local level.

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Visited with an old friend last night. It was tough. He’s gone so far down the rabbit hole. Very much into the whole QAnon movement and every conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard as well as so many that were new to me.

For what it's worth. I settled on Terminus for URxvt. It's clean, not too wide and easy on the eyes with a smaller pixel size.

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Now that I’ve replaced my 2 PowerConnect switches with Cisco’s I’m thinking I’ll just recycle/donate them through ERA. Looking at prices on eBay it’s probably not worth the hassle to try and sell them.

Had the day off today so naturally I spent most of it messing around with mono space fonts and irssi themes and scripts.

Spent some time trying to figure out why one of my UniFi APs wasn’t provisioning after the switch upgrade. Helps a bit when you remember to put an IP helper-address on the VLAN. Oddly enough it was the AP on the other switch I replaced a few weeks ago that was having issues.

Wow. is making a comeback. I haven't used it for years after I found

My biggest annoyance at the time was how everything kept getting bigger and using more screen real estate. Interestingly, that's a big gripe I have with the birdsite's current design. I used to be able to have so much information at a glance without scrolling but now I get 1 full post as is.

9 days later my switch made it from arrivals to customs at UPSs global shipping center.

Ran home for lunch and replaced my last PowerConnect 6248 with a Cisco 3750X.

Went pretty smooth except I always forget that Cisco shuts down Vlan 1 by default and I use that as my management Vlan.

My quick and dirty PowerShell script to restart the Network Location Awareness service on Windows when the network isn't using the DomainAuthenticated profile.

Assumes only a single network connection which makes it less useful for non-servers.

I only just realized today that HP retired SDM (Softpaq Download Manager) almost a year ago. The replacement (HP Image Assistant) is okay, but still not really great.

I would have been more excited about the Dual port NICs I just pulled out of these old servers if they didn't have stickers that say "BROADCOM" plastered onto them.

FWIW, these are the fonts I needed to make BBS ANSI graphics render properly for me on OpenBSD.

And they just make me feel very happy in general.

And look at that. My shell script to launch xterm will a specific font for Qodem is now working. How lovely!

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Apparently I just needed to vent a little about it. Put the LANG variable in ~/.xsession (already had LC_ALL set here and everything seems to be happy now.

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I wish I could figure out how/why XFCE is getting in the way of my locale settings on OpenBSD.

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