A friend lent me his Huawei P20 Lite so I can get a feel for Android and see how I like it.

Was enjoying it until I ran into a major show stopper.

So apparently Android hi-jacks your DNS and forces Google DNS on you? Deal breaker for sure. Unless I can find a custom ROM for this or some way around it.

Rant. Smartphones. Apple in particular. 

It’s taken me a long time to get here but… I don’t know what my next phone will be but I’m pretty certain it won’t be an iPhone.

The App Store has become a dumpster fire especially in the post-Jobs era. The app ratings seem to be mostly fake. So many apps are just fronts for scammy subscription services that thrive on suckering unsuspecting people into paying the subscription without real understanding that that’s what they’re signing up for.

And Apple keeps on highlighting these apps further promoting this behaviour.

I don’t think Android and Google Play store is any better but at least you’re not paying Apple prices expecting better.

I don’t need a new phone any time soon so hopefully when I do there will be better alternatives out there.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth I managed to get WPA2-Enterprise, certificate based Security and authentication working!

No more unauthorized devices on the Corporate wireless network! :)

Website/WP [mis]adventures 

Apparently I'm a little stubborn.

Someone broke the town website by upgrading WordPress and plugins a little too early.

It's not my job to worry about the website and we pay people to handle that. But like I said, I'm stubborn. Found a plugin that wasn't ready for the new WP version, deactivated it. Most everything started working again.

Except the Events calendar. Discovered the Events calendar had split into 2 versions (regular and pro) and we only had the PRO installed. BUT. The PRO was dependent on the regular version. Installed the regular version and all seems to be well again.

All this before I got a single response back from the company who is supposed to be fixing the website. 😂​

I can just take the rest of the day off now, right?

Really great work by the folks on dhcpleased and resolvd. Even with a mixed configuration of dhclient and dhcpleased (for testing) there was no issues.

Out of curiosity, anyone familiar with 0patch? Thoughts on it? 0patch.com

Security Lesson 

Yesterday I was taught a lesson in security. Whether or not I learned a lesson remains to be seen.

Myself and the facilities manager get an email on Wednesday from a concerned employee about one of the doors not being locked.

As IT my first move was to check the door security system. I check, everything is locked as it should be. I go downstairs to check the door. Locked. Swipe. Open. Close. Check that it's locked again. All good. Facilities manager does the same.

Next morning we get another email. I go check again. Locked as I expected.

Facilities manager comes to me a few minutes later and tells me the employee was turning the DOOR HANDLE. The cleaners must have unlocked it for some reason. So while the security system and door swipe was ARMED, there was a BACK DOOR I hadn't even considered. I never bother turning the door handle because I always just swipe myself to get in.

Security is hard (for me at least).

*installs Russian language packs on all systems on the network*

Just kidding. Pretty sure that ship has sailed now.

Somehow, while doing a disk cleanup on Server 2016, the disk is actually getting more full. Keep doing you, Microsoft!

Hmmm. Lansweeper is also bringing up lots of alerts with the new CB.

This is good though (and kinda cool to see some of the PowerShell commands LS runs to gather its information).

Password security 

Stolen from FB so no idea what service/app this is but…


The new version of Carbon Black is flooding my Inbox with alerts which was a little annoying at first; however, it appears the alerts are mainly regarding activities (albeit legit) performed by our MSP's agent. So maybe I'm glad that it's keeping close tabs on that software given recent events.

If I can emulate the pattern of the Pink Floyd Limited Edition Pulse CD, then I'll know I have at lease a clue about what I'm doing.

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Since yesterday was a holiday and today is Friday, most people in the office have taken today off. It is glorious. My favorite sort of day to be working. It means I can be working on some projects I've been thinking about without having to spend my whole day putting out fires.

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