The wonders of corporate messaging

Giffgaff: "we're making some exciting changes...", and a page later "prices are doubling"

A talk on surveilance and censorship listing who sees your traffic:

IT, the usual suspects (picture: FB / Google / etc logos), your ISP, state agencies (picture: Eye of Sauron)


Reading "The Art of Electronics", turns out it's surprisingly fun -- from a table, describing the properties of electrolytic capacitors:

Accuracy: poor
Temperature stability: ghastly
Leakage: awful

Note to self: next time, when ordering electronics, check the package type.

Guess I'll have to learn surface-mount soldering.

Railcard website:

> Your ID card country code should comprise of 2 letters (e.g. GBR)

Turns out it's hard to draw :hackers_town:​ with icing and have it turn out alright

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β€ͺHappy 0x7e4 Year πŸ˜Žβ€¬
β€ͺHave fun coding, making, soldering‬

Happy New Year, hackers :C_H: πŸŽ„

Advent CTF done... time for writeups.

Yesterday's challenge for the OverTheWire Advent CTF: take a break from cyber things and go bake cookies

Coming soon(-ish): πŸͺ​


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