For those interested in amateur radio, the ISS will be transmitting (Apollo-Soyuz 45th anniversary) pictures Tue/Wed:

It's targeted at Europe, but other parts of world should be able to pick it up if the station passes by.

Every time I try to implement anything to do with filtering, I walk away thinking that filter design must be black magic

Octave command-line parameter for compatibility with MATLAB: --braindead (less opinionated alternative: --traditional)

TypeError: wrapinstance() argument 2 must be sip.wrappertype, not sip.wrappertype


I finally have logging set up for kernel panics, and guess what, my kernel decided to be stable now πŸ›β€‹

On the history of the backslash: "the standardisation committee didn't want to 'waste' two characters on logical AND and OR, but they were convinced to introduce a backwards slash, so these can be written as /\ and \/. This didn't catch on, but it turns out it's nice to have an absolutely useless character you can use as a control and special-purpose sequence"

Ooh, new version of Dwarf Fortress.
Guess that's the plan for tonight.

"If security was the only goal, you would just pour concrete on the computers and throw them off the cliff, but you might also want to get your job done"

The wonders of corporate messaging

Giffgaff: "we're making some exciting changes...", and a page later "prices are doubling"

A talk on surveilance and censorship listing who sees your traffic:

IT, the usual suspects (picture: FB / Google / etc logos), your ISP, state agencies (picture: Eye of Sauron)


Reading "The Art of Electronics", turns out it's surprisingly fun -- from a table, describing the properties of electrolytic capacitors:

Accuracy: poor
Temperature stability: ghastly
Leakage: awful

Note to self: next time, when ordering electronics, check the package type.

Guess I'll have to learn surface-mount soldering.

Railcard website:

> Your ID card country code should comprise of 2 letters (e.g. GBR)

Turns out it's hard to draw :hackers_town:​ with icing and have it turn out alright

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β€ͺHappy 0x7e4 Year πŸ˜Žβ€¬
β€ͺHave fun coding, making, soldering‬

Happy New Year, hackers :C_H: πŸŽ„

Advent CTF done... time for writeups.

Yesterday's challenge for the OverTheWire Advent CTF: take a break from cyber things and go bake cookies

Coming soon(-ish): πŸͺ​


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